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I would love it. If as you. Because of checker chubby checker take him off delays chubby checkers and other one. That's maybe the trifecta. The monkeys link rate and chubby checker cassette yet. Chevy's been very vocal about it since the beginning. And he's still not in he's not in in you know what they did with chubby checker and also well category have early link. Wray did the those two were in the first class of the. What's the word. I want us here hot singles cat. The the motherfucking singles catholic singles category was going to mean something and thought people were tested about link not being the rock hall if the rock hall thought that single category would appease anyone. I don't get it. I think it made people even more mad. Yeah 'cause it's it's almost literally a consolation prize. Oh yeah definitely of course if you're going to have a singles category rumble deserve cnn. But just in tux the man. I don't understand what the beginning to it's making..

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