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On the street already Cheyenne mountain air station Colorado commanders at the north American aerospace defense command maintained tighter security today but said they may have not listened over estimated a threat of attack against the missile tracking center public tours of the man made cavern deep inside Cheyenne mountain nerve center of the U. S. and Canadian air defense and space surveillance were suspended Wednesday additional security barriers installed outside the Cheyenne mountain commander U. S. Air Force Major General Jeff Grimes said in an interview inside the complex that intelligence warning I wanted him to tighten security even though the threat was not immediate nor clear cut he said quote you've got to take prudent actions end quote even if you err on the side of caution said this after ordering the heightened security which included starting a twenty four hour security watch at a secondary entrance to the mountain complex that normally is monitored only by video cameras and other electronic sensors quote we had specific information that we are still watching Grimes said he would not describe the information any more precisely than that but said it did not indicate that any of the several other major military sites in the area were threatened it was totally focused at us here he said now I'm telling you this is weird stuff folks weird I'm trying to digest what it could possibly have been that would cause this domestic terrorist threat boy what are we doing just warming up for the nineteenth or want west of the Rockies you're on the air good morning hi Eric hello this is merry calling you from Seattle I just had a couple things first of universe about half an hour ago a gentleman called from the same area and his newscast about the como story was correct the one he set up yeah I saw that lady had it wrong I it you know that's also what they said was set up they thought they knew where the plane went down someplace in Colorado but they weren't sure ended up next post about the next day they were gonna go look for it but they did say they found it you know but are they have a pretty good idea it someplace in Colorado in all well I'll be a lot happier when they find it me too I don't think I want to ask you a well you know that this object the huge object yes if it should turn out to actually be something hail Mary it's not it's not right it's well you're right about that really are you willing to admit if it does turn out to be a spaceship that corny bounds right and are you out you have a part to apologize for saying that his claim was ludicrous ya is it turns out to be a spaceship and it was up following Hale Bopp and all that turns out to be true I would absolutely apologize now do you want to ask me what I think the odds of that occurring are well what do you think it is if it's not the spacious what could be I've ma'am I don't make those judgments so it's not something we have a devotion to him well how do you know what it's twenty five miles okay I know I know I don't be from another planet look we don't know that this is not some strange atmospheric artifact or something I don't know what those photographs show they show something that's all I know as I recall it's been a long time since we had that November program but if I would call up here lately and prudence had said something about a dead in a pool they were going to be up from spaceships coming by and you know it would wake in the world up to the fact that they exist in what would be quite large at all you know of it was up what we probably would be better but better than I do all right all I like what's been happening over the last month all right well I'll ask what young the last months really has been incredible there is no question about it and we were told in no uncertain terms this spring would bring very unusual things to our surprise so far no disappointment east of the Rockies you're on the air good morning I'm in Ohio yes Sir going on the subject of the sightings yes Sir it it doesn't seem like anybody's mention the fact that back last month that you you asked everybody to join together remember that's right I do that sounds fine to lay it on me and Carol is there should this come under the category of be careful what you wish for well I guess you're right there well now this could be or could not be or it would might have been something come in anyway but yeah it seems to me that and I am fond believer in a joint power together will bring results what if you were getting those results right now that's a good possibility well I'm not sorry I tried it so anybody who's writing me a nasty note now you might as well quit I rejected I'm glad I did it if that's what this is then so be it I'm glad you did it to and and there's one other thing that nobody really realizes courses a lot of sightings but nothing bad has happened it's a good point although I'm not real crazy about this NORAD lockdown yeah I want to remind of course we can we can guess all night long were really not going to know how and that's exactly what we're going to be doing guessing all night long missing a tens sightings everywhere NORAD locking down is not good now I hope all right thank you very much for the call I hope it's good but I I rather think that it is not the sightings so far no big deal of course we're just people who see things in the sky we are not NORAD no NORAD may be reacting in a very different way with very much different information than we are privy to but the caller is right and I want to because you all what you're going to hear other than what I've had in terms of hard information this morning and I've reached out to get as much as I could the rest of it is going to be speculation and there's really nothing else one can do east of the Rockies you are on the air good morning Hey art hi can you hear me hello just fine I'm calling from the home with a bit of a phone booth most tonight I don't recall from my house I'm calling from little Kentucky yes Sir my wife's brother is not in the service but even with the government for about twelve years about four years ago to a position where he told the family only told us when he will contact us once or twice a year just a leading let us know that he was okay my wife got a really strange phone calls I mean this afternoon hours after new pond at one thirty and he didn't say much in an email I didn't buy so he does call her name that she was call when you know when they were young yes and he basically said take mom and the rest of the family and get out of Lowell for this weekend I don't know whether you're on an apple has drug test on this week in a wash of bird Kentucky Derby right up in may right we are W. social this weekend and every year we have the biggest power show in the in the country and that's coming up this on the nineteenth coincidently also this year we're having the biggest airshow in history on Saturday the nineteenth now what is right arias with this Etienne been missing and we have an air show you know what's the status they can't just come by and people think it won't it won't draw well over a million people within a three mile radius yeah and you know what that's that's being held the statement for somebody to make you know just for the day tens of coming to blend in with their show and you know I hate to say it but I mean if I found is a team that would be fine I mean everything when you know it wouldn't be a you know a friend but I mean this is a we don't hear from him of maybe like I say on on his mother's birthday usually called in around Christmas and it was just aid and weird ending to the phone call European strike about anything we heard a voice in the background in his home that's why they wanna call from my house so you can take that with a grain of salt or whatever but I mean it was just a really odd thing to you know to go through this afternoon well thanks for scaring the hell out of everybody in Louisville yeah you know not knowing you know I I appreciate the call thank and I again I want to warn the audience what you're hearing is from the general public I have no way of verifying what that man said I I'd I don't doubt his sincerity sounded sincere but you never ever know it's it it is the nature of open line talk radio first time caller line you're on the air Good Morning America I'm calling from Colorado yes and I just wanted to say that I heard on our local news they said the NORAD since it was built in like the nineteen sixties the young had never gone to def con for before I know there's a lot ma'am there is a lot more to this story then we have been told believe me there's a lot more going on here and I don't know what it is and all I can do is sit here and speculate by everybody else I don't understand how they can say you know that they can handle a nuclear blast but the surrounding community isn't shouldn't be worried or concerned you know there they can be threatened but the surrounding community is out what's the feeling like are you in Denver no south of Colorado springs what's the feeling like they are I mean are people concerned coming up the nineteenth here yeah there has been some talk about it people more so thank goodness if something were to happen it would happen in Denver then you know in the south sure sure well hopefully nothing will happen now yeah that's what we need to help all right I think you for the call thanks take care but it has been an odd period so far this spring hasn't.

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