President Trump, Mike Coho, George Zuko discussed on Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast


President i'm gilbert godfrey issues gilbert godfrey amazing colossal podcast with mike coho sprang santo padre where once again recorded get dot bag with our engineer frankford orosa gave frank believe it or not this is two hundred main episode and they said it would never lice actually the personal said it was me for the special show we've invited three of our favorite former guest because they were the axel lute best choices and also they happened to be free tonight our first guest is an awardwinning cartoonist illustrator and friend and frequent guest on the podcast his work has appeared in national lampoon spy the new yorker time and the recent humor publication the american bystander he's new book is drew free men's shows in people which features portrait's of behavioral one from sami fa trillo george zuko and a new documentary about his life the vermeer of the bullish belt is currently in the works the artist formerly known is ju dot drew friedman our next guest is a musician so writer record for do sere play right now is n screenwriter he's tony winner i'd drama dish all ward winner the winner of the edgar award for mystery writing and there were scipion of ascap's.

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