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Zidane does the Don already twenty-second? You're getting Klopp twenty-seventh gusts had Dink twenty nine dig Simione thirty first Arsene Wenger, thirty seconds. I don't agree with this list at all, let's let's just walk through these names. Unlike we're peppers. I think pep is at a good spot. I do agree with v for pet. Yeah, I'll give pep fifth. But everything like what the fuck I just can't get this thing is just this is just fraudulent. This is a fraudulent list. It's horrible. And you should be in top ten easy. And I can't believe he's I think he's a better Coachman Laudi. How the fuck Gus hitting dig Diego Simione, and you're in cloth and in don's Dane and Fabio Capella and Louis van Gaal or higher up Arsene Wenger that's do or swagger Arsene Wenger revolutionize soccer. He had an invincible team. Yeah. Is everyone high. He's french. He's French come on France have some legal t to your own. If you're going to fuck up the entire list at least put Arsene Wenger number one do favor. I cannot this list is a crock of shit. It is a crock of shit Marin. I am. I am flabbergasted. I am bewildered. I am a loss of words. I Tony Kahn days forty-nine Marcello Bs. La is forty this is student shit. Problem. I'm surprised they haven't put a Mikhail or yet on here yet, you know, just because he's been under pep. Jesus Christ like he might just pass ours. A winger after one year coaching. Oh my God. You're getting Klopp better than Arsene Wenger in. I've if you listen to the show, I have been nothing, but a your club lover I love in. But he's not like Arsene Wenger, leaps and bounds. Diego. Simione? I'd rate them higher than you're involved. Sorry. He's one more like this. This hurts my soul. This is really poor ranking tip. Oh, jeez. Wow. I am. Okay. What are we going to talk about next? I'm only kind of just like fucked up from this list. No right in France down the country. All right. Before we get into some of the games this weekend. We're going to take a quick break. Four and Ed right now guys, let's talk about sex good sex..

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