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Eric Berman reports speaker Brian Bosma says Brown slammed his motorcycle into an SUV which pulled into his path in northern Michigan. Indianapolis Representative Mike speedy was with Brown, but is reportedly unhurt no word yet of the series of Brown's injuries. The crossville Republicans serving his twelfth term in the house. Eric Berman Ninety-three WIBC mobile new house speaker Brian Bosma says Brown is an invaluable member of our leadership team. A dedicated public servant and one of his most cherished friends. The house is expected to vote on making last year's tax cuts, permanent the Congressional Budget Office predictions massive budget deficit, but Indiana, congressman Jim Bank says he believes voter support cuts. I believe the appetite is strong among the American people to see more of what they've seen especially when it comes to. The the first tax cut Bill now that they've seen the fruit of it. And seeing that the American people are better off today after the tax cuts for passed last year. I think they they would welcome more of it. The corporate tax reductions were made permanent immediately your individual tax cut expires in seven years without the extension Olympic gold medalist swimmer lily king is advocating for a new aquatic center in Evansville, Kurt Darlene reports she says a new state of the art aquatic center for Evansville is up and coming swimmers is a necessary investment for the city high school. You'll meet I've never slam a swim. Meet in my hometown. Just think about that. I I've never slammed a swim. Meet in my hometown mayor Lloyd Winneke is behind the proposal. He's requested the city council approved a plan to take a portion of a twenty five million dollar redevelopment bond and use it to help build a new aquatic center and open it by twenty twenty Kirk darling. Ninety-three WIBC mobile news, your one minute away from traffic and weather. It's four oh four huge savings on new and previously lease furnishings. That's right. Huge savings. Court.

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