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Once you go through a layering affect through county conservation regulations. Now ordinance regulations to continue to have eg productive. This. Napa county were an avid Conway, are you hoping that there is really no more your development in that. You. Feel the valley's been filled out essentially both on the hillsides and on the valley floor. No. And I don't think that number of measure see people would feel that way. But I do think that hillsides as he says are slippery slope and referring. Referring to the political process. Of course, I do want to just remind also our audience that if they want to join the conversation, they can go ahead and raise their hands. And one of our producers will bring a microphone to you. And I want to start by going to some of our callers because we have a lot of calls coming in. We're going to start with Chris Noma? Hi, chris. Great. There. Hi. Can you hear me? Yes. I can a great topic. I just had a I just turned the radio on. I'm sorry. I'm a little I haven't heard the entire show. But what I wanted to make comment about what we see over the hill. And I grew up in this town. So it's in the reappropriation of water in the valley is amazing. The vineyards are doing not negative in many, my friends have innards families that Vitner, but completely reappropriated the one of the strange that used to run been pumped in there being pumped into the ad. And granted, I know these mega mansions, take the water too. But it's a real good topic. We had treats it ran here. Then no longer run any more. A little different in that the river flows titled through nap in cinema creek is dry and it used to run you talk to the old timers in town. It was amazing. How much water was here? So it's just something that I've noticed I wanted to share it really appreciate the topic. Thank you. Chris thanks for the for the point that you're making. I mean, Ryan Clovis hearing some real concerns about water about water quality about Celta's, Patricia Damri was mentioning. I mean, do you really need to wait for a study to be able to tell you how to move forward County Georgia done studies on water quality and the latest ones show that there's not an issue. So if there is then point to what the issue is been efforts made to try to do a study independent of the county independent of say some of that measure z would be working with independent of someone would be working with has been an effort to do that here. Hearing time there are well there are steady someone that you both would trust. I see I think this is where when we through this into a political arena. We sacrificed looking at real science because I'll tell you. We're talking about two different things. I I think the conservation regulations when they're enforced and monitored are good. But they're not enforced often code enforcement is a real issue, and they're not monitored when things are put in and we have evidence that we have taken pictures of water this coming off vineyards and water this coming off fourth right next door and the ones off any vineyards is full of mud and next door is clear. The Napa river is listed for silt and sedimentation, maybe it will be taken off this recommended. It may be taken off for nutrient. Too many nutrients in it. It hasn't been taken off yet. So that is a direct result of our development. Whether it's vineyard or residential whatever it is. And we'll let me go next to Jeff in our audience. Jeff you'd like to make a comment. Hi there. My name's Jeff Ellsworth. I'm the mayor of the town Saint Helena up valley as mayor insane Elena. One of my main concerns is that over development and deforestation in the water source areas. Above our municipal reservoirs. Whether it's grapes or cannabis or whatever it is can affect the water quality and quantity in our reservoir..

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