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Houston Astros can't come back and win one game against anybody anywhere to one is just to one that's right yeah you know most of us in the world at start really it starts at two one so I understand that but tone Sanchez's rested this is not like hitting that depends on timing Sanchez might just go out there and blow the tone some doesn't seem right the Astros they seem reticent they're making mistakes they've got all trade offs I here's what he has discouraged me this morning I woke up by looked at squall tonight I saw Tim Kirkman and Ward Oh Perez and to share all say Astros win tonight the bats will wake up I hope that's not the case I hope not I told by the way that secondary Washington team you remember them I do skins redskins yet they were their usual dreadful cells last night moved to the victorious opponent the Minnesota Vikings won their fourth straight and kirk cousins played his fourth consecutive great game coincidence causes connected on twenty three of twenty six passes and the three incompletions to throw away the other one was dropped causes has been on fire the last month from apologizing to teammates to getting an eagles linebacker candies always doing the right thing question Tony is are you buying they're playing at this level is the new normal oh now for your boy kirk cousins I just want to say and I know you agree with this that beating the Washington redskins no particular accomplishment everybody bids the the redskins his completion percentage was tremendous it was tremendous but didn't have any touchdown passes he's been great in this four week run he's got ten touchdowns and one picky averaging three hundred fifteen yards per game he's completing seventy eight percent but for me if you asked me to go all in on kirk cousins seen him for so many years can wait till after next week yeah when they play at Kansas City you know impact plays I don't feel the same way I can wait after that and don't even Patrick mahomes if kirk cousins continues to play like he's been playing four weeks I'm sorry I'm not GonNa put somebody in a in a yellow jacket after four weeks yeah give me eight you know everybody grades easy now you know after the cowboys lost three straight games win one and every you know everybody graphic I see on sports every sport television network is all the cowboys must be back because they won a game kirk cousins I think kirk cousins is a Tony we do this sometimes we go through and we try to rank the quarterbacks and see where you would draw that line and guys you have guys who will replace I would always have have kirk cousins I thought he did a better job I think that you didn't Washington because of the craziness rebounded but again let's not make Joe Montana just shit I wanna see it three to four more times then we can come on and say kirk cousins is knocking them dead I'll tell you this there's some real stuff on our team on offense in digs and feeling and Dalvin cook and Kyle Rudolph he's got stuff.

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