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Sam tar Lee, but even right in he still has flaws and SAM's flaws in the fact that he's like, I guess his flaws. He's not traditionally masculine in west rose in the universe. And he never liked turns that into turns it around in his own head to be like a, plus it's just kind of like, well, it's just the way, and you know, what I get. And but I don't think any e either Sam north Tyrian as Mary sue, especially Tyrian because my God he really gets gets shit on. And he doesn't have the best looks. I don't think in like, feast and dance. I don't think he's perfect. But I think in the ways that. Maybe Martin would find ideal. I think he may be rhetorically perfect. If you know in like, he he's always he's always got the witty quip. He's always a smartest guy in the room, and tease other. He's got other deficits, but in the ways that you know, sort of the the super nerd imagines themself. Maybe he's I don't know. Maybe a little idealistic. Yeah. I mean, I like a true Mary sue like a John Galt type like just just a person without flaws because like even though he's very smart. He does I think like dances. A does a good job of exposing him. Yes. Like privileged. He didn't even realize it because he's always thinks he's the most accursed among man, and then he spent significant amount of time with this other dwarf character penny and just realizes how fundamentally she saw the world differently because she's of the small folk she's not not just small folk. But she's a dwarf on top of that. So she's got like all this negative, social stigma and all this negative kind of privilege, if we frame that as are there certain elements of Martin interior. I think we'd probably say, yes. Oh, yeah. But is he married character? I would have to say I mean, according to according to this particular definition, which is probably the only definite. Could find I don't think he is. All right. My next question will Tyrian get to ride dragon in the books. I'd give it fifty fifty because I think the dragon has three heads is going to be a much bigger deal in the books in the show. I think Nah, I think that. Either whether George put that in a bullet point that he's sent to the double DS, and the double DS just like not eject we're going to do the simple version or what I just I can't see I mean, how does not even three dragged good dragons ride at this point in the show story. So let alone having three heads. I just don't think it's going to be a thing. Because there's a big deal of made about the fact that he was able to design this this special saddles. So that able to ride a horse, right? Yeah. Yeah. I'd saw the like that was like a lot of people are thinking that. Yeah. You're right. I mean that would allow him to ride even his unconventional form the right? A dragon or some people thought that that would allow brand ride a dragon. But I've been persuaded that if brands going to be a dragon writer, it would be like war. He he would be he would be writing on top. He'd be writing inside. He'd be in the doctorate so to speak. So. So yeah, I guess if I think Martin knows that. Right. You know, he's like you won't wanna run or you'll you'll you'll be able to fly. I think that if that if that saddle engineering was going to foreshadow anything would have to be hearing it have to be Therion. But that's all I'm saying in the book, I think it's fifty fifty with like, Danny and John being the other most likely nominees. All right next question is Tyrian Oedipus type. So this is interesting we go into this in volume two of God's thrones. It's going to be coming out this spring and twenty nineteen. But there are a interesting a number of similarities between the two. So let's let's talk about like the mythical Oedipus. And then we can talk about the Oedipus type. Right. So tyrian. Physicality. He's described as having abnormal gait forcing him that waddles to and fro whereas Oedipus literally mean swollen foot. He had his feet bound, which would create a an abnormal gait, similar Tyrian Tyrian safe king's landing, but that doesn't save him for being hated and that compares to..

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