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Why you're planning to say hi to allies right now two hundred and fifty dollar accident. What's going on, Alex? Much, man. I got puked on the night. Oh, no. This is the second time it's ever happened to me. Yeah. I mean, it was a little drunk college, girl, man. She was fine. She was career, and then she just about gallon, man. That's crazy. Yeah. We got it all cleaned up there. Luckily, I got some loves in your car so care business. You know, just a pretty crazy. But yeah, it's a wild man also found out. A guy with a high school where he he's younger than me is the guy the barricaded himself not apartment in Clermont county shooting it out with the cops officers lost his life. The other one I think serious condition manage their buying, and I mean, like, I didn't know the guy to my brother actually knows my my brother a little bit. I guess he the snap. Man. It's just like it's scary. Is on drugs or something or what? Oh, yeah. Yeah. He's always been on drugs. Apparently. And here's the deal like get your concealed carry permit. Everybody get your concealed carry and take away your man, you never know. And then all the other people disrespecting cops on the cut their funding. Abolish? Like this guy just died the protect us here. And I mean, I hear people disrespect employees all the time. Well, it's always on the left. A, hey, hey, the one of the biggest disrespecting law enforcement was Obama era. He he took the side of the criminal every single time. Yeah. Man. It's terrible. You know, you gotta respect. These guys are out here doing work. A lot of cops are listening to this show every night. They're out you're doing their job, you know, and. Well, I've I've had law enforcement friend from a biker from Clermont county's been up here in the studio with this more than once in his young daughters right now, I think going to the police academy wants to be law enforcement. He keeps on telling her. No, no, no. But she said on it. But, you know, talk to them see if. How everything's gone when this things can settles down. Hey, alex. Let me let you fly, man. Thanks for calling giving us an update. Okay. Go get nine. Thank you. Let me hit Ron real quick up here in line three. Ron how're you doing tonight? Good. Dave, dave. I'm a loyal democrat always have been. But I gotta tell you this year. It's gonna make make your heart warming. Every Republicans start warm Joe Biden three weeks before last senatorial elections took two hundred thousand dollars from. Citizens for prosperity. That's a coke frog crew. Event Joe Biden praised congressman Upton from my district who's been here for twenty five years heir apparent to the world pool corporation. He praised him up and down Joe Biden, a democrat crazed him three weeks before the election. This is the closest election we ever came to beating up, and when Joe Biden was asked feel why are you praising a Republican three weeks before the election? He doubled down on. He said I love often because of his healthcare records and environmental records, even though Upton voted against ObamaCare, which would've wiped out any thing that Joe Biden was talking about. But this is a two hundred thousand dollars he sold out his party. He couldn't live President Obama and asked for some yard work or something. Yeah. Put that's walking around money for President Obama. Now, they could have put that money and Joe Biden's. Pocket, and he could have kept his mouth shut if he was a loyal democrat. But I I'm just saying this because I'm a democrat loyal Democrats. And this guy here is running for president as a democrat. He shouldn't be into Republican party playing. So well, he's probably more of a job like Brian more Republican bunch of nowadays because the democrat party, I hate to say it, Ron they're not Democrats are socialist, Marxist, communist, whatever you wanna call him. But the last thing they are laser not Democrats fifty six years ago JFK days. Well, everything's everything's changing around here. But the thing of it is, you know, he he he's talking about him in being a loyal democrat. And he's not a democrat it in here. Go where the money to go where the money goes. Yeah. Here's the kicker. Dave, you can look this up last Wednesday front page New York Times. That's the story front page New York Times, Joe Biden, taken two hundred thousand dollars from from Upton helping Wendy elections, you call him a democrat be thrown out of the party and joined Republicans plan shuffled, thank.

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