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Health professionals and health experts, and that's it will contain since eight o'clock local last night, the campus of the University of Utah has been locked down. Now it's secret Service checkpoints, officials and press must show a green wristband given to everyone who tested negative for Kobe. Through the university officials are also walking around, handing everybody a heavy duty surgical mask that must be worn while inside the perimeter. Listen to the vice presidential debate tonight at 9 P.m. on W. J. R. States. We're hoping to get ahead of the rush before Election Day by starting to count mail in ballots Now, General people are not only voting now for president. More than five million mail in ballots have been received, but in some places they're already counting of the votes. In Maryland. The numbers are being tallied up. But like other states, they cannot be released until after the post close on election Day. You know, Some states, though, are going to court to defend moving up the counting process. Election officials say that would give them a jump start to get the election results sooner. 16 states now start county at some point before November, 3rd and more states want to get a head start to Hurricane Delta intensifies as it slams Mexico and then draws closer to the states along the Gulf Coast. Fox meteorologist Ric Ric move has the latest on the Gulf has been pummeled all summer long. But Delta went through the very tip of the Yucatan Peninsula around Cancun overnight. The senator's getting back out over the water very quickly gets its energy source back and looks like it's beginning to maybe get some structure again. Back to it. They're going to be flying in and out of it and Getting a sense, if, in fact, there is any structure what the structure is, which will give us an indication of potentially how much it will reorganize and strengthen again. The water temperatures are plenty warm to sustain a really strong storm right now. The governor's in Alabama and Louisiana have declared state of emergency's President Trump announced on Twitter. Today he's authorized documents related to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's private E Mail server and the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election be declassified boxes, John Roberts reports from the White House, according to sources. The materials to classified so far include hand written notes, then CIA director John Brennan took after briefing President Obama those materials said to the Senate. In House intelligence committees yesterday, sources say the notes detail a briefing in which Brennan informed Obama that the Clinton campaign was exploring the proposal to gin up a scandal, claiming that the Russian security service was interfering in the election on behalf of President Trump. Critics have accused the DNA John Radcliffe of peddling Russian Disinformation. But Ratcliffe says in a statement, a Fox demon quote to be clear. This is not Russian disinformation and has not been assessed as such by the intelligence community. I'll be briefing Congress on the sensitive sources and methods by which it was obtained in the coming days. Clinton spokesperson Nick Merrill called the allegations baseless. B s On Wall Street. Today, Stocks finished very high that I was up 530 the S and P up 58 Chemicals. Ke W. J. R news back to Mitch Albom in two minutes. Consumers Energies clean energy plan eliminates Cole boost renewable energy and creates a bright future for Michigan. To get more details and to give them your ideas to make the plan even stronger. Joined them this month during their next virtual open house,.

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