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We will president who doesn't believe in the rule of law. He doesn't believe in freedom of the press. He doesn't believe in independent judiciary. He believes in the corruption that he's brought to Washington DC, and that is what we have to change. By do you agree? Do you agree today that you were wrong to oppose busing in America? Then do you agree did not oppose busing in America? What I posed is bussing ordered by the department of education. That's what I opposed. So there you go. Just part of it from last night. All right. What we got out of it. Laced from our point of view. No idea would somebody in the left got out of it. Is that healthcare is a right? College education of your choices, a right, a good paying job is a right. And not having more than one job is a right. Right. Also, we learned that all the democratic candidates on stage last night. Wish to criminalise crossing the border illegally so it is not illegal. And now they're down to the point of just a traffic ticket. If you get caught here illegally. And as I think most people understand this is there ever Lucien towards open borders. Yeah. And the other thing is they all were in favor of healthcare, free health care for illegal immigrants in this country. So plenty of ammunition given to the Trump and Trump administration shooting in the Trump campaign for twenty twenty if they if they wish to use it and use it effectively, obviously, from the campaign, Trump's campaign manager and his tweets over the last couple of nights. He knows where the Democrats are weak, can they effectively market it? That's what it comes down point. Stay on point don't engage point right back to the opposition, every time they're looking at open borders. It's all about open borders for them, and we cannot have open borders. I'm looking to secure the borders, and then end it, that's it. That's all you have to say, but. Start with. They want open borders. They want open borders. Keep saying that because it's true. Right. And our points always been make them prove you wrong. Right. Not for open borders than tell me, specifically, not in a generality. Not that you would take care of people. What would your plan be to enforce the border, right? If we hypothetically gave legal status to every illegal immigrant in the country today. Do we stop illegal immigration, or you saying that we should still continue to decriminalize it, where everyone can stay in the United States free will you ever deport anyone who is illegally in this country? Well, if they committed a crime. No, not, not a crime. It will we have a policy that you must be in this country legally. And I don't think that if you break it down that they would answer. Yes. Any of them? Well, I think a rock would because he has changed positions on it. A works for open borders. He's trying to I, I don't know if his campaign has thought, well, okay. Maybe if we don't, if we decide not to be an open more. I mean he's done after the other night. Anyway, it's over. But. He was he was chastised Castro one that one on the democrat debate on your homework here. Can't Julia Castro calling up somebody for think about this is why you know, a works dead. He really had no response to Houlihan Castro who is completely clueless as to how anything runs in the world. Well, I think I think it was over when Rachel Maddow, identified fully on Castro as the only Latino on the stage. Because keep in mind, the left has been, essentially branding, Robert Francis, aerobic as a Latino. The whole thing was about. Yeah. He is in grain in the Latino when he was a rockstar that was important. He's no longer the rockstar. Rachel Maddow, went straight to it as the only Latino onstage. Holy on Castro. And then ask the question when you get owned by Julio uncustomary..

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