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Is on the Telestream confessing his sins towards the party the Romans on orders rose three point yeah interactions the day's and I have no faith I've got a part from a cultural as a result of mental disturbance dating from my experiences during the upcoming walls I was a willing subject of gross things influence I was stopped at a go central when our life thoughts occurred to me I reveled in welcome to the proletarian zones I had sex with prostitutes I deliberately constructed surface it was the first time I was personally contacted by the office goes beyond order twice has been sent into politics my agents forged documents to the ministry of crime is that crime does not entail his death but the result is committed for setting up the essential crime the contains one of the sales of free time and cutting my agents to deface party posters and hoardings announcements I read and memorized goes teens book four thirty yes I have plotted to bring down the politics I was sick in mind and body doesn't that sound familiar so Mike Bryan hitch is that I'll vote it was a hoax I thought god would pull me through when god didn't put me through I had to realize that Hey I was wrong and the parties right do as you're told where your master what you're told don't end up like me you know it's interesting is it when he tested negative on Monday which I hear he did he was grateful he posted on Facebook how grateful he was but sadly he became the target for shaming and ridicule he became an enemy of the state until he confessed his unforgivable sins people were saying that he deserved to die on his Facebook page while he was trying to recover the city's break people were saying his wife deserve to die see this is part of a show trial provided by the abuse of party the shaming of the heating process by the public I don't have time for this but another example another example of shaming came from none other than Nancy Pelosi Nancy Pelosi was being interviewed by Anderson Cooper she was concerned about trump's announcement that he had been prescribed hydroxy chloride Quinn by the White House physician when it when Anderson Cooper asked her if she was concerned this is what Pelosi said as far as the president is concerned.

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