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Indeed feeling good indeed over at Wrigley field. Where Wilson controllers is just set one into the night. And the cubs of one on a walk off to one cubs over the brewers the series tied at a game apiece. Harry tiny what's Levin wins in their last thirteen for your Chicago nationally, ballclub how about three walk off home runs in last five games. Yeah. That's that's a good stat. Right. There does that. And now with the victory tomorrow. The cubs will once again have another series victory. Sunday night baseball for Z cubs tomorrow night. There was the highlight moment for me today in the cub game as I was doing. The White Sox postgame show jab on that way. Check post game. Did you like it today? Did you? I did I was and white sex weekly. Tomorrow attempt shabby here, you should White Sox weeklies with Brian Newnan tomorrow. He's my favorite White Sox ambassador. We we will. We will miss you tomorrow. Harry White Sox weekly tomorrow after the show. So okay. There. It was the eleventh or twelve inning today and bases are loaded and there's two out and who's coming to the plate. Very is Addison Russell game on the line. Are you going to cheer for him? Here. It is he ends up striking out. I didn't have the sound. I have no idea if they didn't boom. But that that was that's like the ultimate moment in Addison. Russell should I refer should I not for root forum? I was I was over Wrigley for about five innings on Friday came to the plate. I just I did nothing which is my anything for anyone. But it just felt like more like, I'm definitely not. I'm not if it was me. I'm not going there to share them. I'm not going there to boom. He gets a base it that's gonna win the game. I don't think I'd share them. I just think I would stay silent. That's how I would go about it. I think that's not how it's going to be. If you've won the game, they would've jumped up and down gone crazy, right? What he did what he did. And I still we still don't know the extent of it. You know, we still don't know. Actually, you know, how it wasn't good really bad. You know, I'm a guy that believes in second chances. And I think the cubs have gone. Out of their way to give Addison Russell very big second chance here. You know? I want him to get a hit in that situation. I want the cubs to win. So that's what I'm doing. I'm Sharon for the cubs to win the ballgame. Right. What what was his first night back? His first night back was over three with a walk Wednesday. Right. 'cause I was watching that game. And I heard I I was watching the game when he came to bat for the first time smattering of boos it. Well, I describe it as mixed fair enough. Did you hear the cheers? And you hear the Buber's? What bothered me about that one is? Okay. So you have the mix when he comes up there his first time, and then he strikes out, and then they pile on them. So that's just. He got when he came up and he got when he went back. Right. So, but he got it worse when he went back, and I think if you're an adult, and you have some level of rational understanding of the world, it's not about the result with him. If you're going to boom, right, right? Then then go ahead, and boom, but you don't let just because he strikes out or grounds out or whatever doesn't come through to pile on at that point. Then to me, you're you're just a clown. And and it's it's it's not he heard you the first time you don't need a hammer him when he when he does something wrong just feels off. I I know that all's fair in love and war. And this is sports. And it's and it's professional sports. He gets paid millions of dollars. And he did some terrible things feel the resulted in them getting a forty game suspension. And if you don't want to cheer them, that's great. And you want to boom when he comes to play go ahead, but to to make it about the result. I I don't think that's right. And I guarantee you if there's one more incident with Addison Russell. That you know, physically abusing any at any level. You know, a woman. He's gone cubs will not he might be gone, regardless. I I think you think he untradable do you think I know second chances all the time for guys? So Kareem hunt deal the NFL's a whole nother yet is I mean, that's that's. But. Baseball. Arouse jabbing second chance right here. One World Series was shooting off a gun in a garage. And who knows what else the guy was doing? Closer for we're trying to win the World Series come on over. We'll we'll even give you up a tremendous prospect laboratories for you. No problem. I mean, it's it's one after another. I it's it's been happening in sports for years. I do think now that we know more about how to educate the athletes how to educate not just the athletes, but sometimes it's coaches managers involved. There's front office guys involved, you know, with with certain situations in certain sports. I I'm walking example of second chance. You know? I think you gotta give them a second chance. But I agree with you. If you're gonna bloom if it doesn't matter what he did at the plate. Like if he had homered would people not have been doing him with had been cheering him one that he made? Now, I'm really gonna right, okay. Doesn't make sense grow up. Get get a sense of something. And I'll say this about what happened with the fan at Wrigley this week with the symbol alleged. The gesture white supremacists. Gesture okay. To number one. If indeed that's what he was doing. The never be allowed back in the ballpark comes to the right thing. I do find a little bit odd that we don't know who this guy is apparently they've they try to reach out to him. And if I was that guy, I was innocent of doing something. I would be I would be leading the newspapers and the radio and everybody else don't hey, I was just playing some stupid game. I meant I meant nothing. But it's just weird that we haven't heard word one from this guy. But what bothers me about the whole thing. More than anything else. Doug, Glanville is one of my favorite people in the in in all of this guy. I mean when I first started on the business airy one cubs clubhouse. I remember driving down the wall playing the Dylan son L yet, great great band. Headlight one headlight Marlene is I remember putting numbers in his titles. I remember driving down one headlights playing on the radio Ford Escort twenty some odd years old going. I'm like, oh my God. I got a press pass to be in the cubs clubhouse. This is awesome. And I got to ask somebody for an interview. Right. So here's Doug Glanville, and he's in the clubhouse. He's a rookie. It's like ninety six and is he can I can I talk to you. Yeah. You wanna do it right here? I'm expected say yes, I know what I was doing. I even on a first record of tape recorder or the plug in my and this guy, you know, you right before the game, right? Ryan the club was for. Yes. You want do it right here? And he's just always been this first class guy. Very bright, incredibly smart pen pen. You know, Ivy league school went to college four years of college the war to the big leagues late. He had to work as way through the minor leagues. Never the price processed have been rising and rising and rising working on his game. Earning his way gets his chance plays. Well for the cubs traded the Phillies for Mickey more in Dini. I hated that deal. Even though more Dany ended up helping the cubs get to the wildcard, whatever. Don't. But the point that he's been first class on and off the field his entire career and for him to be in the middle of this whole thing and people are writing on Twitter at him taking shots. Hey, Manny didn't mean anything and that he's I it. It hurts my heart that he has to deal with that baseball. Was seventy two African American players eight percent across the game. And here's a guy who has been a great ambassador for the game. And he's just there to do a job. And you got some Yahoo behind him. Doing whatever. Right. I just hate the Glanville's in the middle of it. All you know, I'm a huge fan of dog. Pam to jersey numbers with the cubs. Can you give me either one? Wow. Jersey numbers with the cubs. It's embarrassing than on this big Doug, Glanville gain. I don't know. Number one. Never one is correct Karm. And then he had another one number eight look at you. Okay. You gotta pass the crown over one in eight, dammit. All right. So that's my that's a little cover. We gotta get into news here. We have time out we do. All right..

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