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I assure you no one's not talking about Kansas, but if you want to say that Carolina and duke and Arkansas and St. Peters are getting more run, if you even want to make the case for, say, a Houston, I don't know if I can go that far, but I certainly certainly hear you. By the way, if you're watching on YouTube, please smash the like button if you could. I have no idea. Have you given out this paramount plus guard yet? How does this happen? It hasn't, it's about to oh, it's about to go down. It's about to go down. I don't know how, I don't know, I don't know what happens back there. I don't know, but you do what you gotta do. If you, by the way, if you are enjoying, if you enjoy this change of pace, you know, I love volleying back and forth with GP, but you can clearly tell. Your boy here likes to maybe just stretch it out a little bit. Little more improv improvisation. Let us know in the comments. Feel free to continue to chat. We will wrap pretty soon. And thanks to everyone who is listening. You guys have been amazing at keeping us highly rated on all of the podcast charts. It's been so, so cool. And a huge I'm doing this now. Not has been damn rockstar. Just taking this channel, this podcast, put it on a freaking rocket ship. Kansas gets the win. And Remy Martin just winds up being huge shield and Wilson had 16, and they just didn't even try a budget and have a big game. I thought that was pretty big. I thought that was pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty huge. And now Kansas is going to have a huge, huge advantage. Fan wise. When we get to Sunday, in Chicago, after what we saw happen with Miami, you know, they're the more talented team, man. They just are. Hurricanes. They move on past. They get over Iowa state, 70 to 56. There's not much to say here. The thing I want to watch with Iowa state is tyrese hunter. I was talking to two NBA people. The feeling is tyrese hunter returns. He can be a first round pick next year and can really like take a big jump. I hope that's what happens here. So we wait and see on that. Teach you how to do a wonderful job in his first season with ISU. But Miami moves along, Jim Lara into the elite 8, 16 years after he got George Mason to a final four. Cameron mcgusty, who was an all ACC player went for 27 Sam wartenberg at 13 and Jordan Miller had 16. So you will have Kansas versus Miami in the elite 8, I wonder how often those teams have ever played each other just out of curiosity. Thoughts on thoughts on that matchup, why don't we why don't we give the people a pick here? Yeah, I mean, I'll go to Kansas straight up. We'll see what the spread is. Although my record against the spread suggests that you would probably want to fade. My pick in that situation, but I like Kansas because I feel like Kansas is strengths sort of mirror Miami strengths in the sense that you got pretty solid guard play. It appears at this moment with rumi Martin and I trust dewan Harris and then you also have O chag bosie with the ball in his hands quite a bit and I don't think he's going to turn in consecutive bad games. On a stage like this. So I like Kansas, I think it's a pretty good matchup for the jayhawks. When you're in the elite 8 and you're playing a double digit seed, you should win straight up as a number one. I mean, the path the path has been paid for them and they've got it in the bag if they just take care of business. Sea level game gets them past the four seat and Providence. I mean, they bring their B minus game that they got to beat Miami. Yeah, no doubt about it. These seem to these schools have met four times previously. Last happened in 91, Kansas is three and one all time versus Miami, but they met in an 87, 89, 90 and 91, so it has been a hot minute. And I thought that I couldn't recall ever seeing these two teams play each other. By the way, the last time duke and UNC were both in the elite 8 was 19 98, the last time we had both Carolina and duke into the regional finals there, I will go with Kansas to beat Miami and get to the final four. I think there's a good chance that can be a pretty close game. Isaiah Wong, I would expect to show up and have a really good how Kansas schemes around augusti will be what I'm keeping an eye on in that one. You got to figure, I mean, I would expect dewan Harris, jaylen Wilson to show up defensively and have a pretty important game and pretty well played game. And then abaji, I think he'll play stronger on Sunday than he did Friday. But yeah, Candace 31 and 6 went away and that building will be 90% jayhawks fans? Probably. So good on Miami though, keep it rolling, keep it going overall. Last game from the, I guess that is those last midships. Okay, I want to, before we look ahead to Saturday, I wanted to give a shout out to people that are doing well in the eye on college basketball bracket challenge. I don't know if these people will wind up being on top, but here, right now,.

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