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Well boys rock candy. From the wayne's world original motion picture soundtrack before that ms morrison hey hey hop for you know their match. It was menia thirty seven as i call night. Will they call at night. One and night too but i just call it wrestlemania. Thirty seven a and b. That's what the hash tags are you. So if you want to do a search wrestlemainia thirty seven a and wrestlemania. Thirty seven be. You'll see posted on twitter and facebook jacket out in a few on a doubt. They hashtag fine. Go ahead i get a trending. That'd be fantastic actually If wrestlemania thirty seven a got trending during wrestlemainia anyway. You're listening to wrestling would fumble mark dantonio during rust right here in paramedic and via various podcast cheering sources. Aj styles and almost almost anyway challenged the new days xavier woods and kofi kingston to the raw tag team titles at wrestlemania instead of either singles competitors who held the wb title. Actually trying to back. But hey kofi mania was thing so that's something right. Yeah so instead of having a wrestlemainia moment they have wrestlemainia payday which is still great. In and of itself. I can only imagine the comma. That's going to be on their check. Where the numbers are. I don't know how much they actually get paid per show. I'm sure they get paid quite lot per show and as for resume specifically get paid probably noticeably more like the winters tend to get paid more than two losers. I guess sir will the bose who are known to win get paid more than those who are known to lose. I dunno whatever you want to say. I don't expect to title change. I wouldn't be surprised if there was as freshly if there is some weasley thing where almost just went and knocked either member of the new day out in asia sales came in and and pin. Because you know oh oh no oppositions. I'm gonna come in and steal the titles. Seth rollins and said sits zaru took out his lack of a first name on monday night. Messiah via some swing. Therapy challenge the swiss cyborg to amash at resume. Thirty a due to extreme air trauma. No doubt so. yeah again. A match at wrestlemania based on something relatively silly o. You swung me. And i got dizzy. So i'm going to challenge you to match wrestlemainia. I two also used to be the wwe champion slow nod but hey you know at least we get to cease his ro at wrestlemainia doing this in a single match. So that's something. That's you know this glass half old. What the glass half full of. I don't know and at elimination chamber. Drew mcintyre one roz elimination chamber match to retain the wb championship following that match however mcintyre was brutally attacked by bobby lashley allowing us to cash in his money in the bank contract and went to title as part of an agreement that ms made with lashley's hurt business manager of mvp. Mike ms shannon was scheduled defended temperature against lashley who defeated ms any lumberjack match to win the title on march. First episode of raw on of rs fifty episode. Bobby lashley claimed that. He destroyed mcintyre and limiting chamber. And we'll do it again at wrestlemania. Thirty seven a. I don't know if specified which i don't think they knew what the dime which is going to be. I don't think they really concerned himself too much with that. A daily days they just say walls gone. Will we got. We got a break up in some way. So we'll put these matches on night one of these matches on a to confirm that lashley would defend the title against mcintyre event. Drew came out and congratulated the almighty wb champion and noting at how they both had a long road to winning the wb championship. Sixteen years for lashley and seventeen for mcintyre however the former exceed champion as it turns out as well mocked lashley as mcintyre. I won two championship at wrestlemania thirty six by defeating brock listener whereas lashley wanna ship ship by making an underhanded deal with and defeating ms on an episode raw drew then declared that he would win back the championship at wrestlemania following week the former champion defeated the hurt businesses. Cedric alexander benjamin in a handicap match burrowing alexander and benjamin from ringside during the w championship match at wrestlemania. Hurt business is broken up. So i don't know if this is part of a plan like whoa members that you said these the two of them can't become to ringside as members of the hurt business so we kicked him out of the hurt business. Maybe i don't know behind me but that's just thinking a little too far into it and maybe this doing exactly what a have in mind and be exactly what to have in mind. I wouldn't be surprised if that's exactly what to have in mind any rate. I think it's going to be a good show. Usually mercer mania. Good show pretty good show in the not necessarily always the best show the year even wb. Yeah i mean annexed. He regularly outperforms with their their takeover shows and then they take people from takeover and dave brigham to the main roster and and it's like hey this is one of the things that they did down exceed. This is now one hundred percent of who they are. So who knows what they're gonna do with damian priest i don't he's not nearly as dominant as he wasn't in exceed. But that's maybe the short district short-term then again Alastair black was nearly as dominating on the main roster is he wasn't inex- he either and other was andrade and you know so it just gets disappointing after a while you know so. Hopefully everything works out for the best and everybody gets everything that they want and maybe even a little bit more The main theme for deputies Wrestlemania thirty seven whether it be weakened night one night two or wrestlemainia. Thirty seven seven or thirty seven. Be the weekend. Save your tears. Solve the executive. School trump curse told you Along should say yup also just another pursuit. uh-huh leagues.

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