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Front worth it right there just to see the dancing, the show much have a ritual, very four. The show very theater like because we, you know, we all have theater background. So Deb started at from the pilot on that. We all get together and do a little prayer. Still the prayer. I'm single show and nobody else. And we're not right now because we're taking it to be funny. And David trimmer on the show now to David Schwimmer's my bowl. He's my special friend friend vessel. That's wonderful. And you have many special friends? I do. Oh, yes. Being one of them. No, but it just seems like you. Don't know. No. Yeah, no, no. Don't start. Starting rumors and people are going to believe down. Oh. Oh. Our pre show ritual is we like to let Ellen make steel like we're running late. Freakshow ritual. We don't. We don't so much have a producing heavy do a meeting right before the show. I lead a meeting that tells everybody what we're gonna do. The audience starts dancing and Mary has a pre meeting ritual. What's that? She gets on a half apple folks on the other side of the row in the control room. And then she turns on a little light so she can see, and then she shuffles about five hundred pages of paper, calls it down to about three and then starts the meeting. Anybody wanna ask me, why do that? Why do you do them every Kef for asking? So we have a lot of paper all day long. We get handed paper all day long. And what I do is I hold onto the paper throughout the day because sometimes Ellen will want to refer back to an earlier version has happened if something that we've done and I haven't with me, I have access been there. She's knows that I saw the morning, Mary always has. Thank you Kevin. And so then when we get our final script, here's what I know. I don't need those pieces of paper. Here's the other thing I know sounds like this like make something like that make make Ed crazy. I love them make Ed crazy beyond crazy, like lifting. I love more than that someone opening a cellophane bag, right. Right. Ed, what have you done to try to deal with that? I've removed the cellophane bags from the control, but what wave the control room and get them at the control is for work. It's not for eating. He's had. Gender. Once you got hypnotized, the sign, the sound of people like eating, which I have to the side of digging in bags, but particularly people crunching when they axe to me is worse to me styrofoam. What if what, if someone, what if someone outside your office was to tape up a box always happens every day. They take the packing tape and it's just in the well, let's be fair about why they're doing it outside your office when we when we set up our offices. So I think we know why you asked. Office because they know it annoys me. You wanted to wanted to you? Yes, I wanted the PA's near us because you know, we have a lot of needs that we delegate a lot to them and we and we also think we want them sort of near the center of action because that's how they learn. We promote from within constantly here and we got them close to us. They're in a bullpen. How'd that? I wasn't the best idea. Mary. It led to a year of hypnosis that doesn't fully worked. We've hired some really good as this year though. Yeah, we have. We. Lucky all the years, but this year is particularly, I really enjoy listening who don't know what a PA is a production assistant, and it's usually the entry level job at most television. Most entertainment shows jobs are sound engineer. Yeah, Ryan? Yeah. Who's here in the room with us started as an started as a as a PA. And there's a lot of running you physically run because we're taping the show. It's as live and Motta was a runner, and he was very fit and he ran very, very Great great. out here, but he's got great physique as really Larry's go ver tones. Really good. It's got a lovely is got a lovely wife. Not too much terrific. Kids point was that we found really good PA's. Yes. Yes, we did. We did find great. How did we find that.

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