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We're back here in the dave logan show four forty seven the what dave logan show the dave logan show kind of dancing you the keys right there let me spit the keys back at you yeah i'm kind of a hard i step back did that one time and i never one time said welcome back to the show that was named that i think really well i can say it i know but that's not the name of the show kathy lee show well it's closer to the previously i'll take it but then you'd have to be here every day you can drift in and out of the year every day that i don't know i can't have that much pressure i know you don't handle pressure well we asked if we wanted to call it the brandon krisztal show with friends take it take what do you think brandon krisztal show with friends look the rick lewis morning show is all about branding if you wanna call it the brandon krisztal showed out my brand i'm all about it okay i'm not gonna fight it we'll think about it i'm happy with the dave logan show i think that's the dave logan show featuring rick lewis kathy lee yes no we're not we're not doing that we're we're sticking with lewis and logan i'm with that lee lewis and logan pressure i can't handle the premium water name on the show we asked you the l train at one point i thought that was a cool name chess because you're one of the elles triple triple how 'bout triple and you're one of the game for that one but then if you put my name at the back then there's not as much pressure as when your names i you like being in the back i come from the back i gotta think partners that law firms whether they all the same they gotta still meet their minimum expectation when your name is in the back you come from the back side what here you go again i'm not i'm looking i'm looking at sammy sosa on espn right now sammy sosa he looks like he's from another planet is sammy sosa sammy sosa i know he's got a big e sixty interview coming up on espn sunday morning i think it's like seven o'clock denver time everyone she talks to him had a really good relationship with him back in ninety eight when he had the home run chase with maguire basically sort of saved baseball when sammy sosa was black look at the different there's there's a you know they've got to pictures of him now and him then he had midst to bleaching his skin how'd you bleach your skin i don't know i don't know either dairy carefully from the inside out are you do you know he he said he uses some sort of lotion now this is what he said why did he do it why did he is wife i guess on cameras said she loves it so i listen oh it's their their world do you know about the house he built he built this crazy like twenty or thirty million dollar home in the ghetto where he grew up in in the dominican so all around him is still the same ghetto and he lives in this huge palatial estate similar like that movie bad boys two kind of looks like that that's what he did in real life why to show people what you can be if you work hard enough trying to set an example i wonder how safe he feels down there in that right and how would you ever make your money back on that they're right right seems to care too much about that well i just want to know why he's doing that to his face yeah he looks like he doesn't look like himself does not look like sammy sosa he's from another world he looks like he's a caricature of himself cartoon now what do you do that there's something wrong you said he's married yeah michael jackson did too yeah yeah please skin so you're saying i can bleach my skin yeah you can't say look how dark sammy was before and then how what he looks like now so you're not as dark as sammy was before you could really white if you wanted to what would you do that i just thought any thing else in thought your face where do the rest of.

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