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The ad council another attempt at redemption in from a former illinois governor who is behind bars rod blagojevich is asking the high court to throw out his conviction on corruption georges filing friday gives attorneys argue that it's a blurry line between legal and illegal fundraising and the blue goya bitch did not explicitly demand became campaign contributions in exchange for any official act among other things blagojevich was convicted of trying to trade at a point put to the us senate seat vacated by barack obama for campaign cash he is five years into a 14year sentence the longest ever imposed on an illinois politician for corruption the justices declined to to hear a similar appeal from blagojevich last year jack callahan fox news security for tomorrow's new york city marathon as being ramped up considerably following the deadly truck attack on pedestrians earlier this week there have added more blocker vehicles strategically placed vehicles put round the marathon to prevent possible vehicle strikes and protect pedestrians soxs brian yannis is at the site in manhattan where eight people lost their lives on tuesday investigators teaching you to comb through the suspects phone and online contacts isis has claimed responsibility for the attack but authorities so far believe site follows say epo off self radicalize the united states in acted alone investigators have spoken to neighbors at his new jersey apartment complex who say he was seen with other men and two days before the attack his wife is reportedly cooperating with the fbi later today of viewing will be held for one of the american victims the death of a fraternity pledge at florida state university is under investigation police in tallahassee say the unidentified student passed away at an offcampus party the fraternity pie kappel fi has been suspended by its national organization camp who sale fox news radio napa know how there are lots of amazing cars on the road but perhaps none more amazing than that paid off car may not be pretty put the price is.

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