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Is of my talk dirt alert. Alert our one and only Holly Roberts is joining us with all the dirt. Hello, Lali alot a lot of high Lowell Ali. I'll take it. Let's talk some celebrity baby news, Leighton Meester and Adam Brody, Welcome to son. He's a dream boy, according to the parents. What does that mean? I don't know. He's just there happy that the baby's OK, eso Adam Brody said. I have a new kids since I last played. I have a new kid, so he was talking about something that happens on phone TV. Something called the fun time, Boys. Game Night. Spectacular. Oh, it's on twitch, Man. I what even is twitch. So too, Which is this video streaming worm platform? No, no, thank you. And a lot of gamers. Yeah. And for gamers, don McLean would know what twitches. I think you're right because people use twitch to watch other people play video games just so weird to me and have conversations about it. So I am at the fun boy. Happy time. What the fun time, Boys Game night Spectacular twitch. Age and these things go on for, like an hour and a half and people watch other video. Well, Adam Brody's into it, and he talked about having a new kid. He looks so different now, by the way. And I just mean he looks like he's aged. Right. Like we all dio When time passes, it just shocked me. I hope somebody doesn't look at a picture of me now. They haven't seen me in 20 years and they're like, boy. Well, I think we all know. I mean, I think it is always just a little bit surprising when you have A picture in your head of somebody, and then you see them aged and you're like, Whoa, whoa! OK. Oh, yeah. The past time happened to you, too. Yeah. Time happens to everybody sometime. Congrats to them. Layton and Adam are already parents to a five year old daughter. Arlo Day They got married back in 2014 Look happy, Happy, Happy family. One big happy family. Okay, Alright. Some will move on from that, Uh, not so happy Family Just going to take the 1 80 here. Jon Gosselin is denying physically abusing his son, Colin. A teen allegedly accused John of beating him Now, John's rep tells Eat News. John has never abused Colin. No charges have been filed against him, and there's no ongoing investigation. And last week, Colin alleged and announce deleted Instagram Post that my dad is a liar and he beat me up thought nothing of it. He punched me in the face and gave me a swollen nose. So this is all based off of an instagram post from Colin. I also just feel like Oh, the gosselins are Kate Gosselin is just like Drooling over this story. They just are so though because of the attention Yeah. And because she just despises, Jon, you know, so anything that you know, makes one of them look better than the other or makes the other one look bad. Like Can they go away? How sad. It must be to live in a world where you're consumed by the hate of another person. That's not even in your life anymore, right? Yeah. So we'll move on to that goodwill gesture. So again, we're going to take another turn. And we're going to talk about Will Smith and the first Aunt Viv from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Janet Hubert, those two have had a decades long beef. Yes, but on the 30th anniversary of the show last night via Instagram They Apparently reunited, patched it up. They patched it up. Will they sat socially distance from one from each other while filming a reunion special. Did they? What I want to know is Did they have a chat about it like we're they like, Hey, Here's what the beef was all about. Well, hopefully they will. But I think that we're gonna have to see That all played out in the reunion special. But will Smith posed alongside a picture in the old banks mansion with at Tatiana Ali, Karen Parsons? Joseph Marcell, who played Jeffrey? So the whole cast reuniting for this special and This comes on the heels of the fact that we're getting a dramatic reboot of the fresh Prince of Bel Air. Yeah, drama Rommie. How this thing How this thing turns out, I will say that Janet Hubert and she has in the past. Not had a lot of nice kind things to say No, not about the experience on that. Show it Wass. Yeah, well, yeah, because Janet Hubert played Aunt Vivian the first three seasons of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. So she left the show in 1993 because she had a long standing feud with Will Smith. She even wrote a book about it called Perfection is not a sitcom Mom. And she documented that beef. She claims that she was demonized following her departure, and she criticized the cast after being snubbed from a previous reunion because they replaced her with another actor to play the same character and vivid after she left. Rude. Very interesting. Interesting. I haven't ever watched an episode of What Never not even once. One. Wow. No, I don't know why actually, because that that would have been on what late eighties toe early nineties or vice for nineties. Where did it start? Hold on. Yeah, it was in the early to mid nineties. Okay? Yeah. I don't know why I did not actually either because you were busy living life yet 1919 to 1996. I mean, I was that's prime TV for me nine. Well, I would say 92 93 for sure. And then college took over a little bit. But I didn't have it. That's TV in my room. That's just an interesting blindspot tohave. Right? Well, we'll move on. We all have them. Yeah, we all have them. Let's talk about Kate Winslet. She's talking of Vanity Fair magazine Fantasy Fair magazine, and she's talking about her regret with working with Woody Allen and Roman Polanski. Well, She said. It's unbelievable to me now how those men were held in such high regard so widely in the film industry for so long as they were, she said. It's bleeping disgraceful, and she said, I have to take responsibility for the fact that I work with them both, she said. I can't turn back the clock. I'm grappling with those regrets. But what we do what do we have? If we're not able to just bleep and be truthful about it all? Good for her. Yeah, Yeah. I mean, I e wish more people would acknowledge because they think what people.

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