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So it's it is hard to get the matchup she wants. So you're trying to figure out. Who's left on their team? Who's lived on your team What's going to you the most fragile matchups? It's really coastal I think similar to what. Abc does so what was it. Kt guys waiting. Five fourth and last year in transmit copy was five on five and New Zealand. One three two two. What helped you guys. Secure the victory this time around as well. Now you guys have back to back Trans Tasman Cup winners outside how diverse last year we had Two inch less. We had a shooting. Listen the we had to kind of undead hordes Louis. We had the ogre kingdoms coming in. We had cities cities with quite a differing play styles. We had the Phoenix God. Kinda Frost Phoenix less than we were ahead. More shooting focus less so I think that diversity really lead to more favourable opponents love it Question from the chat That was submitted in advanced The game has asked who is debated guitarist named Jimi is it you or is it. Jimi Hendrix is finished by. I think I think heyndericks takes it out and most favorite and and Jimmy page. He's also from from what I saw. I kinda at every so often. We kinda interrupted Was the end of the lending session when LV announced older cool releases by the agency ART FOR K. Love the -sorts. There's some some really cool reveal than we Cheney Kinda see what you guys are doing in seeing some of the lists in Australia was up three to Neil. Also three the first three gainesville decided Dame scholtz Hussein who who was the I guess the moderator of the event organizer saw was looking a little bit nervous for you guys beds yet be smoking face. You'll stopping Especially say to those first Games that we dropped were too favourable matchups so we started just a little bit dance coming on his. But obviously they'd find two people on the bus against me and many They weren't expecting to win those two. So that was two different. Senate was Kinda the lift games that were to decide it in his office he. He's made the comment that he's he just in time to he. You have your white with gays so I guess let's hear about Your Trans Tasman Cup game. Did you play Gabe and his play? I enjoy beat wall on your own sons subsection and yeah it was. It was not much of a game. Unfortunately it's nothing. I screened it up. Obviously I play. Wilkins played masters. I know the inside out and there was not much you can do. Especially in that scenario border wall. It's kind of central objectives. He has the move forwards to take the central objectives. And I'm I've got an eighteen inch. Kill box so he can. Alpha may take off my my brimstone screen but senators and Ryan just kind of annihilate them. He won all the property roles in the in Dan. Dan's throwing shade up and saying he needed wings. Were coming He needed the guys to get three in the last four and Obviously Leeann was running around with pithy so you could be tough match up that in a league will the opponents and that was always going to be a great game. One loss down to the wire while Hayden's asking how did that shooting list so I'm assuming he's talking about was at Bates was bates. Reading sheet cost slim. Kosta shooting version. Yeah he the nine long strikes but also six GAD's so it was kind of a bit of a mixture exciting but different from what he normally runs Yeah don't think that went too elegant sir. Hayden Hit that. He went around with all his six Monsters in this little pack just destroyed the boat. Yeah he wasn't running. Yahu running is we'll try and it was. It was the lowest model count on me with six models from memory so Suka low touch and I think I think showing was pretty comfortable in anything like it was going to be behind it off. surprise yeah we. We try to talk about the thunder tasks and they're shooting abilities. But I think some either wings got ended up his screening units got taken off straight into the long shorts in thing. That was talking. He's amazing not only that he wants people talking about more so I think sorry but it was a great Battle you guys. Well deserve That victory again three from three guys we next year. We must have had to give up at night. You get lucky and easy English. Aimal Kasi Logo. Welcome to Cancun up that way. You guys like you might get invite so we we all kind of Friday night. Jim Adopt visit organized. Barbecue is about seventy to one hundred players came over for a bit of a fade. We told them we had Admission Vincent Trail was down. We had broadsides from the war game. Oh we had a whole bunch of people from the international domestic saying your really catching up In potentially meeting each other for the first time which I experienced loss g Jimmy Disease I barbecue. This is the first King Kong. You've attended correct. Yep had defied it. Good Was a little weird. The whole venue. I think a lot of US got drowned out without talking and we ended up just kind of going outside and and and having a little cliques which was a little bit funny but I mean so. He's going to be that way with that. Many people in a small hole but managed to get around a few groups and troops myself Some people are really enjoyed. It was good. Yeah lots of people coming from all all I've all strata Getting to catch up. I think it's something that the best events that I've been to have had these social element especially before the event where the You can go. Play gains the night before Whether they some type of breakfast or some type of DNA getting ticket getting to know people especially someone who who's traveled to tournaments in yet you may not have a lot of people friends you know Makes a huge difference when you go to the event so I really enjoyed that in. I'd highly recommend tournament organizers. think about that social element just as much as the The tournament I've seen the New Zealand. Mazdas you guys will get a house together a new you hang out as much as you play so I love you. Guys have had that social scene as well we do. I love socializing in in New Zealand. That's the reason we play after another funny question from the from the chat and then we'll get straight into The rounds that's chaos born has asked Are serial considered a soup a soup. That's a no me united it's cold. It's is no other milk based soups or excuse. Me Crema Weekly Aka. Jonathan has asked. Who is your favorite ruminates? Private Ryan was different. Jonah just Keeping the line keeping US PC. It's good and Dan Iowa. Shorts are believed that your next goal is to enter a few Australians events and win the Australian Costa's is this true. It's tempting. It's Ofri tempting I think I think the the shorter kind of masters rounders is making it looking not likely Fisher with some of the other tournaments already sold out stiffly something but became too. I Love Masters Masters where you go and you have. I don't know how many you guys pay about five hundred. Five solid games of As a competitive player you know go to a tournament and you have half of them. You'll find competitive fires in maybe half. You isolates competitive players and I think those those computer games are really kind of love the game for so coming into a masters in having just five really competitive gains that. Come down to the wire that's up to do. Yeah Yeah I loved it very wanted. The mosque disease The MAZDAS isn't invitational event. Way The best sixteen traditionally are invited to play in a tournament to decide. Who is the best agency by play in that particular region Strategy New Zealand England Bancaria runs the the The UK Conard sitting on for that that point system. And the way you kinda get. The invitation is based on a point system from your top three performances in that competitive season so winning Cancun differently gives you a huge amount of points and it gives you that head. Start that Basically the high you rank the more points you get so the top threes the way. It's kind of organized. So Alsatian I think this year is eighteen months primarily because masters traditionally fail around December which is usually a crazy time for people with Christmas. And things like that. So we've kind of moved it Louis. Cloistering the so. That's that's one of the goals in the IB skates play. You the instructed saying I think the fact that you're in New Zealand accused me be more confident you know coming over in particular completion. Yeah it's Kinda spouted my mouth a bit prior to Can come and see if I did. Well they'd look to come over and Damascus. I think time wise. It's it's it's I don't have bobble. That would be before we get into these one of the things that might be unique to Al. Seeing that are other other things may not have is that play is are expected to bring three pieces of charade Now as you can imagine. Clean the heralds of wool who runs Cancun with one hundred two hundred forty players who registered so a hundred and twenty tables. If you thought about that there are ten paces. Terrain per table tend to ten to twelve pizza terrain. That is awash. It's a lot of terrain so one of the things that we we have to do. A as plays is we bring three pieces of terrain with us that we put on the table and we organized Kinda amongst ourselves having him on the table Through conversation Jonathan from the weaker has asked how I put with a straight face trained for you or even for your opponents. You've played I would say that in my sex games. They didn't matter it'll and they potentially could have added in the last game. It was the he had the most kind of shooting units. I reports pieces where I could potentially hide some thirty two millimeter models. Nothing Too Crazy but that ended up being and nine inch deployments. I'm sorry I'm a fifteen inch deployments on And that really Hamptons ability come on the sides with his His shadow warriors so. I don't think it actually played.

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