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Informed with news radio six ninety K. T. S. M. A. M. el Paso radio I'm Brian showed the two democratic lawmakers leading the impeachment process call this a solemn day in history house speaker Nancy Pelosi presided over this morning's historic vote a month after launching the investigation into president trump it's a sad day because nobody comes to Congress to impeach a president of the United States talking with reporters at the capitol pelo she said president trump thinks he's empowered to do anything he wants she called the impeachment inquiry a pursuit of truth backed by the constitution eight witnesses are scheduled to testify next weekend public hearings could be the week after the center for disease control says thirty eight people have died and more than eighteen hundred people have become sick from vaping related illness this year the federal agencies report shows an increase of two hundred and eighty four cases and then increase of three fatalities since last week thousands of children across California will not have much of a Halloween tonight as they remain out of their homes from several fires up north in Sonoma county more than five thousand people are still waiting to return in the king Cade fire it's the largest in the state it nearly seventy seven thousand acres and sixty percent contained as shut down fears grow the Senate has passed a spending bill that covers for government departments the government runs out of money November twenty first in the house and Senate are scrambling to complete work on several annual spending bills there is no appetite among lawmakers for another shut down as next year's elections draw near however president trump may object to passage of another temporary spending measure to keep the government running beyond November twenty first Tom Roberts NBC news radio presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says he'll shut down the keystone pipeline in North Dakota for good if he's elected the pipeline remains closed right now after a nearly four hundred thousand gallon oil spill it started Tuesday night and was contained today regulators are on site monitoring everything and searching for a cause your listening to the latest from NBC news radio fighting has once again been reported in northern Syria core Spondon bills infer has the latest the latest fighting is reportedly taken place between Turkish forces in Syrian government troops near the border city of Rossa lane in the area deemed a safe zone by Turkish forces also in the northwest Syrian city of after an eight people were reportedly killed in a car bombing Thursday that area under the control of Syrian rebel forces backed by Turkey Kurdish fighters meanwhile have reportedly left the area bills and for NBC news radio the US and China are working on selecting a new location to sign phase one of a trade deal president trump tweeted that the first phase represents about sixty percent of the overall trade deal the two countries had planned to sign it next month in Chile when both leaders were attending the APEC trade summit however that event was canceled yesterday because of ongoing civil unrest in that country Halloween can be a very dangerous holiday for children Lisa G. reports according to White Plains police captain James Spencer the risk of kids getting hit by a car is higher on Halloween than on any other day of the year use the.

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