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Why essay Joe w? This is Ray Lucia show. That excited to hear what I have to tell you may not want to give you that standing welcome, folks. It is the Ray Lucia show. Glad to have you on board is a stock market correction in the car. That's what we're going to talk about today. Also Lynn row will be joining us caregiving obligations. I found this very very interesting. Forty seven percent of millennial caregivers who have children or plan to have children say they expect those kids they'll pay for their long-term care. Army raising really a nice band of warriors there with these young millennials. They really know there's stuff the millennials. I actually like it might be the generation behind isn't there now renamed generation behind Z or I looked this up actually L. There's the mature generation what is a nineteen. Nine hundred forty five the baby boomers from forty six to sixty four gen Xers from sixty five to eighty a millennials from eighty one to ninety six and then they came back with a generation Z was what they're calling ninety seven through two thousand eleven. Yeah. Then they came up with something else. The generation alpha. Those are the kids that haven't been boring. I wouldn't doubt it. I they've labeled. It all started with the stupid baby-boom thing, which I thought was cute that was cute baby. Boom, fine. But then they have to start naming generations after that neither van well, we'll discuss that amongst the whole bunch of other. Stuff's with Len Rowe certified financial planner. She'll be coming on board here shortly. I think I saw her in the green room. I think she's purple again today. Right. Our green room. Yes. Yes. We painted green every day. But I start with this, folks. And this is a big this is written by Charles Louis. Sizemore CFA it should be an author Charles Louis size sound like sort of like, Robert Louis. Stevenson's assizes exact set back folks, relax. You're gonna wanna hear this. And.

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