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The documentary or did you DVR the documentary last night episode seven eight were so much fun yet another two great episodes of the last dance documentary on ESPN last night and I really enjoyed the story telling and the back stories that we have received on these shows Michael Jordan as you well know is a supreme competitor and a one percenter in every sense of the term one percenter meaning that he is one of the very few that you've seen in sports with that ruthless aggression that ability to surpass others as far as wanting to win we see a lot of champions you are champions in this city so much happens all across the country primul champions team teams have won championships but you can always tell the difference between a good player a great player and then someone that's above the clouds and Michael Jordan was that guy for those that are millennials are seeing a lot of this action for the first time the guy we wonder wow this is that's just some flimsy not HD film that we're seeing of someone from the nineteen forties or fifties or someone that wasn't really on the landscape and really didn't capture the imagination of fans across the country around the world no this is real it's a real thing we see Michael Jordan a supreme competitor eighty one percent in every sense of the term you know you'd be hard pressed to find someone so driven to win there when he describes winning he's brought to tears some can't relate to wanting to win so badly as an adult that you become emotional but that is something who he was and he got this tells you how he was at a completely different level as a player and watching the last dance documentary over the last few weeks the documentary ricochets in so many different directions and angles but the one takeaway is that Jordan found any age he could to win I wonder how the modern day ball player looks at this documentary when I'm watching this every Sunday night now and I'm sitting in the hood cable I'm watching the big screen this documentary and really enjoying what I'm seeing here because there's some nostalgia there but there's also a lot of connections to overseeing your twenty twenty in that I wonder what the modern athlete thinks of when they see this level of commitment this level of wanting to win at all costs no everyone isn't home their teammates whole war constantly badgering their teammates to get the most out of them but this is Michael Jordan's way and there was success that came from that six titles in eight years that's a success that came from that M. you just don't just lay around and complain and complain to the medium a complaint and and feel like all the world's against me and get on Instagram and put my Angelou quotes out there talking about your feelings but if if the commitment comes from being in the gym the commitment comes from wanting to get better at your craft no you're at the top but yet you want to compete so badly give anyone who wants to take you on but you'll find the littlest things were the biggest things to be able to get better can you tell me the last dance brought to you by course light with Jonathan hood under the hood on the ESPN one thousand in the U. S. B. in Chicago out in Europe especially with today's sports talk that measures rings and how many you want and how many lost Jordan wins that euro of basketball and why many deem him as the very best what do you like him or not many teams have the run the bulls run was to dominate the nineteen nineties and John was a big part of that you see many jobs or you see many crying means when it comes to Michael Jordan but his thing I'm looking at is I'm not concerned about do you have some concern about crime means in Jordan I see something that more than likely I'll never see again in this city with the bulls and that's championships and success at all costs wants to further winning with drama around the team on a daily basis are you seeing this like I'm saying this me every hour you were seeing drama around the team now as someone that was watching the bulls or being around the bulls are covering the from time to time during this time you know I'm Dickens toward the last three peaks I would probably run the bulls a little bit more as someone that would get a credential the around the locker room but I wasn't a beat reporter I was just stayed on air producer just kind of looking a book Aston also just trying to get a Bible what's going on for shows I was doing in that era in it the amount of drama and question marks about this team was just amazing question marks like what's up with the bulls after they win this six championship because it was almost afraid to complete that the bulls are gonna get in this position to win a championship and I think it will really happen Jerry Krause's saying all these things now but is it really going to be a change you can you see a team without Phil Jackson city without Michael Jordan and I think became more and more real as the weeks went on in this world tell the story in episodes nine and ten that the championships how there was a lack of value of championships for Jerry Krause toward the end because he felt that he can win a championship with anyone because he believed that championships are won by organizations more so than players and every time that you hear a sound bite every time we hear from players every time we hear from writers and those around the team that becomes a louder sentiment more so than anything else so while the modern era people on social media and younger fans look at Jordan when he was crying at this hall of fame speech in and trying to make a give side of what he's doing now well this documentary doesn't matter but the bottom line is that throughout all that he went through the death of his father leaving the game to go play baseball coming back to play basketball the championships in success is the number one thing now you can go in the week if you like I can try to find things that are unsavory and things that you can latch on to to be able to stones of Michael but I want you to be able stand that there was a lot that Jordan had to go through in the bold to go through to be able to sustain their success winning with the drama around the to a daily basis to Rodman antics the Pippen antics which we'll get to a little later on the front office Jerry Krause Jerry Reinsdorf all those issues it was always something with this bulls team let's go back in time and here from a little bit of the documentary Michael Jordan there's a number of people are asking in episode seven is Michael Jordan a nice guy was he a nice guy.

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