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I think what is going to do. I think is a lot. Like what like i see. Wisconsin has done like doug dern posts about it is the the big dumpsters see like double bag the head and through the head in the dumpster with your information and they'll test it and get back to you so i i will get the opportunity to watch a biologist it or anything like that. It's just basically a throw. Throw it in collection container and wait for results however long that takes Not sure i know. i know. There's some mandatory testing areas here in colorado. So i get a navigate that this year to I definitely don't think i would be consuming it either. It's such a hard thing to think about. What if you had one stake. It was in a pack. And it like phil into a bag of others and you cooked it and then you didn't realize until you're cleaning up after dinner. That pack was marked from that deer. That you're waiting test results to get back to do a. I've been slacking recently late last night. I was like justin. Jeff just left. We gotta clean up. You're going to have to edit this week. I wait until the last minute. Oh yeah would ask about that. Yeah yeah hold on. You gotta tell us you guys tell us the whole story of how jeff made it to your house. Talk about jeff benda right death. What gone well. Wild fish and game while game and fish crack crack dame yeah crack named for an instagram profile rarely but Yeah so really Capitalize on that. He did go ahead corey so his wife's family is having a wedding in pittsburgh and so they flew into pittsburgh at the beginning of the week and they wanted to check out niagara falls and then after niagara falls Heading back down the pittsburgh they wanna stop in the allegheny national forests. And we're actually rate smack dab on the way in the middle between pittsburgh and niagara falls so he asked me like what is there to do in the national forests and everything so we got the dog again. You need to check out this place in that place and they have good campground here..

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