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Getting you ready for this one on the Switchbacks kickoff show presented by the fill long family of dealerships and enroll it. Few teams have used as many players this season as Tacoma. Defiance. Have. I believe it's upwards of 25 different guys? Have made appearances so far this year, But such is the life of a club that's beholden to an MLS affiliate. It didn't hurt them early on a couple of wins San Diego Orange County But the ever changing roster seems to have caught up with them back to back road losses where they've been outscored five. Nothing. Yeah, and they had a consistent team the first couple of weeks, and then the sounder started calling. Some injuries crept in. They wanted to get some younger players some time. And then you just saw the roster kind of blow up seeing guys with almost triple digits on the back of their jerseys representing The Tacoma defiance, but they they have a way that they want to play. It's it's an MLS two team that wants to follow what the Big club does, and that's something to be. Greatly respected and appreciated throughout the USL championship. But it is a little bit difficult to get some continuity when you have so many new faces coming in and out the highest number jizz for those who care on the switchbacks rosters 77 Andre Lewis. The Tacoma Defiance have number 77 also 80 81 82 88 99 98, So they're certainly for those of you who may be making your way in. Uh to downtown Colorado Springs are going to check out the game. You'll see some very odd soccer numbers on the back of these guys is jerseys. And one other thing that you've come to expect from a USL championship side that is directly affiliated with an MLS club is youth. And not to say that Tacoma doesn't have it. They have some. They have some straight kids. I mean, they're they're young, but I think what they have done, And I guess this is a testament to the Seattle sounder system. They balance it out pretty well. There's some more veteran guys on this team that kind of balance out the youth and the youthful mistakes. More importantly, That a team like this might commit on a nightly basis, 100% correct and they're a team that I mean, let's be quite frank about it. People want to be there. People want to be up in the Great Pacific Northwest. They want to go home they recruit so heavily. You look throughout their walls Roster, University of Washington University of Washington Cougars of Washington State Beavers of Oregon State. I mean, they are. They are really taking the soccer talent and Maybe the richest soccer talent area of the entire country, and they're funneling that through their system, But you see players like their goalkeeper Spencer Spencer Richey, a player who's been around a while in this league, and then Goes up to the Pacific Northwest to play his soccer, so they've got veteran leadership. But again, they have players that are always going to stand out to you with just how young and how raw they are. And some of this is due to roster turnover. Some of this is due to youth. I mean, there are a lot of variables here with this team, but you look at them from a scoring perspective. Jari mentioned Spencer Richey. In goal more of a veteran presence. Nice place to have a veteran presence there in between the pipes, so to speak, but Because of a variety of res things. Uh, Tacoma has five team leaders and goals not because they're scoring a ton of them. They've only scored five goals on this season. Five different guys. What? Which way? If you're Brandon Burke, Do you take that Because I think there's one line of thinking that's like, Well, um You know there's an unpredictability right? Because you don't know who's necessarily going to take the shots on any given night. But on the other side, you say, Well, there's not that one guy. Like, you know, uh, Santiago Pitino or something like that. That you know that the ball is going to go through it. Do you think that makes it? Um The switchbacks job easier or more difficult tonight. Well, in my experience what coaches will talk about when you face that kind of thing is to play against the system. Not necessarily the individuals that you're against. And there aren't any individuals up top or Tacoma defiance that you look at, as you said on the scoring charts and just really stand out to you, But there's quality throughout the roster we're talking about. Full internationals here in CONCACAF with Puerto Rico who are starting up top, um for the Tacoma defiance, So it's not a lack of quality. It's just a lack of those big star. Names of the switchbacks have seen the last couple weeks and that can make it a little bit harder to get your team heat up for the game. So instead you just preach playing against the system, shutting down that system. And limiting their entire forward line, regardless of the name on the back of that jersey. It's listed on the Game day lineup sheet as a 14231 for Yeah, I don't know. I haven't seen a lot of teams that do that. 433 isn't that you know what In layman's terms? I suppose it's a 433. But they want to get fancy on the team sheet. That's their prerogative. Well, we'll let you know what that starting 11 looks like. Four Tacoma and for Colorado Springs a little bit later, But coming up next I sit down with Sean Flynn, CEO of the film long Family dealerships. Some exciting things are coming for those of you in the market for a vehicle in the North and Of Colorado Springs. This is the switchbacks kickoff show presented by the film Long Family of Dealerships on Extra Sports 1300. Today. Tastes like a sunny day like firing up the sensors and cooling them down with an ice Cold Coke. It tastes like a flaming hot grill and backyard.

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