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In Louisiana. Twenty one year old Dakota -tario suspected of killing I is girlfriend her father and brother, and then his own parents is still at large ascension parish sheriff Bobby Weber says local law enforcement will partner with larger agencies to catch. The suspected murderer will reach out to our partners in state and federal government to help us with this investigation, and they will use whatever resources. They have police say -tario is driving a silver pickup he stole from one of his victims and as armed and dangerous with a short term agreement to reopen. The government President Trump says it was a no way a concession on border security ABC news, political analyst, Matthew Dowd, describes the pressure on the president in recent days has poll numbers dropped he United the Democrats. And so I think in this the big losers. The president the big winner. Obviously, the eight hundred thousand workers are going to get paid now. But also Nancy Pelosi she's established herself as a dominant force. The president says he will try again to persuade lawmakers to finance. As long sought border wall thirties in Brazil called off rescue efforts Saturday night until daybreak after a dam collapsed. The death toll stood at forty dead with up to three hundred people estimated to be missing the valley dam rupturing Friday in the mining heavy state of minister rice, sending rushing red water tearing through the company's mine offices and a busy cafeteria during lunch time this CEO saying more than two hundred fifty employees are unaccounted for that's ABC's aerial Russia. Reporting two bombs minutes apart tore through a Roman Catholic cathedral on the southern Philippine island where Muslim militants are active killing at least twenty people there and wounding eighty one others during a Sunday mass and today marks the seventy four th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp. This is ABC news. When my son was transferred to deal more from another rehab facility, dude, his mental health issues..

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