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You gotta deanna start the year with a with a bang all right so here's the deal we don't have ads today because this is actually like us we weren't going to do it show with and we're all some sitting here in stunt we should do so show but we don't have a normal place to take a break so paul here's my idea deal every week you do a segment in this week at segment will serve as the bridge from the spectre discussion into ccs discussed with a scale do it as a as an so what's your serb words as always have the same name that what's that name again mustered back off i am so as it added about this you know when you get mustered all over your laptop do here your and where you are just we're in your life your bus your bustards jars through with your dog would over mustered in everywhere all do i have a solution for you eric dill is bringing a new version of its x bs thirteen series laptops to see us this year her mustered was where it i have a number of questions which are the first half tops traditionally in mustered resistant but this one is white and so like there's a there's a boat materials happening to laptops there's all qatar a fabric and then like the pixel book has its advanced silicone variant whatever the hell and the question is will that stay white or not.

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