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The hawks host San Jose Thursday the pregame with Joe Bryant at 7 the face off at 7 30 with John Weidman on 7 20 WGN and WGN radio dot com The White Sox won their home opener against Seattle three two the cubs beat Pittsburgh two to one WGN traffic are expressed with always in good shape just that one stretch of dusan lakeshore drive from Randolph to grand is closed due to bridge maintenance that's until 5 a.m. More than 14 million people are at significant risk for severe weather today a moderate risk the second highest threat level is in place from southwest Indiana all the way to northeast Louisiana storms though already firing across the central U.S. with touchdowns reported in Iowa and at least one tornado confirmed to have hit solita in central Texas destroying homes and vehicles I saw multiple cars tossed around I saw multiple houses that were turned into rubble Tony officials say 5 victims were taken to the hospital while 7 others refused transport there As Philadelphia reimposes its indoor mask mandate in response to an increase in COVID cases governor Ron DeSantis is reassuring floridians it will not happen there Speaking in South Florida the Republicans said as long as he's governor no Floridian will be restricted mandated or locked down in any possible way We don't have any tolerance for COVID theater in the state of Florida This state would not be booming the way it is if we had had COVID theater People know that this is the free state They know that they can come here and make their own decisions The lieutenant governor of New York was arrested in a federal corruption investigation Brian Benjamin is facing bribery fraud conspiracy and falsification of records charges he's accused of accepting campaign donations from a real estate developer who wanted Benjamin to use his influence as a state senator to help him secure a state grant Elon Musk is being slapped with a lawsuit after becoming Twitter's largest single shareholder Twitter investor Mark richella is suing the Tesla CEO claiming he failed to notify financial regulators about his purchase in the required time And because Musk failed.

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