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Herald Kerry was the son of Portuguese immigrants born in the San Francisco Bay Area and every did radio in San Francisco and Oakland he made his way to Chicago and yes went to work on server McGee and Molly he voice very supporting roles but then he began playing neighbor Gildersleeve and he really hit his stride you're a hard man McGee became his catchphrase and during the fall nineteen forty episode his middle name was revealed that he stood for Philharmonic a nice choices Perry's first love indeed was music any song on radio as often as he was allowed the character you play became so popular that Kraft Foods was willing to sponsor a new series built around it the great Gildersleeve is considered radios and very first spin off it came to NBC in August of nineteen forty one the beginning of an impressive sixteen year run Jody Perry in this episode Walter gently as nephew leroy Louise Erickson is Marjorie Richard look brand is P. V. Earl Ross plays judge Tucker RT Q. Brian is Floyd the barber and Pauline Drake as Bessie guilty secretary it's from June second nineteen forty six the Kraft Foods company presents the great Gildersleeve it's the great Gildersleeve starring Harold brought to you by the Kraft Foods company makers of a complete line of famous quality food products yeah this morning Bessie the late spring a book in my office would you want to dictate some what's this roses for me front read the note tied on their the Mr Gillislee congratulations and best wishes on your fourth anniversary as water commissioner from Bessie now that's very nice I hope you like like a I should say I do the.

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