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Can also go to my website, three ws, San Fran Mary and EMMY EMMY an N dot com. You know, how to spell San Fran. And if not it's S A N F R E N. Okay. So San Fran Marianne dot com. So we're talking about the market short sales are up the I mean, they're coming back. I had to if you go to equator dot com. You'll find me there Maryanne Dorna, and what are the things that is really telling is the map that they have up. And what does that mean? Well, right now, there's fifty six thousand one hundred and thirteen active are ios in the nation. That's just in a nation. Now funny thing is Florida's leading away. They're a red state literally speaking there also read with short sales are kind of leading the way in California. Hey, we're we're coming up pretty close. Okay. So we need to be able to offset that by knowing what to do and nine what to do is. A short sale is when before it was when the prices were upside down, the the heart the value of the loan was more than the value of the home. So it like drop by half if not more at some cases, and nobody wanted to pay those high mortgage. Head vertically those very exotic mortgages based on like eighty twenty hundred percent loans and all these. All these exotic loans, and all these really arms that grew hands a choke people. And so basically we're coming out of that supposedly, and it's more stabilize market, they're not pushing arms like they used to. Fix thirty year fix. It's always been the bread and butter of homeownership for working people. But Linda, curl out of debts. They end up. Charging too over their limits. And then you end up ten twenty thirty forty fifty thousand dollars worth of credit card debt. And then you end up refinancing your home start. Taking out your equity and one of the one of the downsides of. What's happening with those arms? You end up having to keep refinancing all the time in the Bank makes Pooku bucks. Every time you do that before the bank's only made money once every thirty years on that loan because you know, people paid for it and retired, and, you know, had homeownership, but that's not the case when now with a high debt and the card system that we're in because, you know, your car carrying worker which not necessarily meaning your status, but meaning your credit, so you end up charging too much, and that's what happens and soda every three or four or five years people end up refinancing their homes and taking the equity out. So you don't wanna do that the goal here stability. So now that we're in this market where it's been a ten year. Hike twenty sixteen kind of top that hike and 2017 is the pushback for the pricing. So what's happening at twenty and twenty next carried over into twenty eight. So what's happening is the price of the values are dropping? So if you're a seller. I'm gonna tell her you. You've got to move now because they are coming. According to this map, the REO's are coming. So you need to sell your home prices are still Glennon, you a good chunk of change. You can sell move and start a new chapter of your life. And especially if you're a senior, and by the way, I'm a very good person to work with if you're a senior, I'm very respectful very responsive, and you know, and I like to take care of people and even more so for people who need in a more vulnerable to greediness and more vulnerable to unsavory people doing conducting business with them. If you don't think that's the case go to Arp and find out those statistics. Anyway. I don't want you to go away. Because I want you to find out how not to sell yourself short. By staying connected with San Fran Marianne four one five eight ten one eighty date. We'll be right back with real estate buzz..

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