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Old or rain. I'm there's conductive technology though mentioned before there for the led light it. It's it's just basically a conductive technologies. Think obeida as what you would see. I need points of contact. Typically to to to be able measure. That so i took note of what is was doing in her messaging and how she was engaging. He had other products at that time. To meal. had stop watches. had odometers. Had downloaded had the first palm downloaded. Downloadable pedometer and then other products that were more specific towards maybe assessment for the teachers that day. And then i started to other jobs in other careers and around two thousand and six Meal had raised on indigo program That was a what the goal of partnering with philips medical device manufacturer to create a high speed continuous. Ppg sensor risk based solution camille alpha. I wrote a letter to on a live. On asking her to f- she ever considered having a national business development managed care for this. I think i would love the opportunity. i i participated in the indie. Gogo we started speaking back and forth back and forth and I reached out again when he posted a physician and started with them At that time as their national business development manager solely for their b. two b. business working with jim's today And at that time had really had a great opportunity of working on sterry fitness working with The lifetimes the equinoxes the different franchises and small businesses like mountainside fitness which is now bigger. Chain actually choose couple of other gyms using at that time different products that we evolved on after the meal alpha with meal The history was about ten years. It's going to business But at point around eight or nine actually out to eight years old it had a intellectual a special at bought it an intellectual property by the name of pie which is in a an acronym for physical activity intelligence which is based on the largest longitudinal. Study done today. It's called the hunt study and the study looked at weighing times you spent in zones in giving you a score and that score similar to of trim. Scores are Helped identify five. What can mitigate cardiovascular disease pied spun off from mio neo took a pause of manufacturing at that standpoint And i left meal for biomedical engineering company. Because they stopped. Making hardware wasn't an easy decision for me Because that experience of stepping into a company by the name great lakes neuro technologies Taught me that. I could learn about Biomedical engineering something. I had no idea about and it was a steep learning curve being very successful at it for two years that i was with them but i learned a lot about he. Eeg he oji energy. All these different acronyms about Measuring your body from brainwaves to respiration rate to you name it with course curriculum and also pharmaceutical studies For i had to become very comfortable being uncomfortable and working with phd's that was an awesome experience But meal was acquired at that time and in relaunched under new management. They wanted to bring back certain team members. I was one that was recommended five. Now two years ago Again this month it'll be two years We were aggressively in the first year to ardita product by the end of the year. Which is the meal pod and twenty nineteen and we basically have now been Working really hard in twenty twenty To add more allegation that with a coaching platform. with an inapt trading platform as well for people wanting to digital fitness at home digital coaching at home That that's something that we pivoted really fast too. Because our gym owners and operators and trainers especially traders. They got laid off and we wanted to figure out a way to help them on. This was one way of doing so. That's kind of a long story. But that's kind of how i how meal if you take a look at my work history. I came back to him. I think it's interesting. You mentioned a few minutes ago and you're telling the story. You are a multiple wearables person or in polite terms a gadget beacon. You're you're preaching to the choir. There know that there are two groups of people who typically wear wearables. There are people who wanna put a device on and they just wanted to be simple it just what they want the information. They don't understand how it works. They don't want it to be complicated. Like you may like a client of mine. Who's a electrical engineers. They wanna geek. They want to say okay. If i use two different heart. Rate monitor measurement techniques which one gives the difference. Is there a difference. What i what i bike with it or when i run with it right or left with do you. Do you do that because you work in marketing for sale and you want to compare the product that you sell with some of the other ones out there or you do it because i kind of interested just for what i do personally or.

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