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Dem's? What are you seeing so far here out of the nuggets? Neal putting what four and a half minutes or so. Yeah, just. Not sharp start certainly from a an execution. Just focused damn point. And you know, the Chicago Bulls are they're not a great basketball team. Not at you. There's a lot of twenty nine and thirty s when you look at the rates of. Because a lot of things, but you know, they have put together a nice little start here. I think the key for the nuggets is just to dial in. And do the little things that you need to do to put away the team that should be put away, Nicole Yokich. Looking back lark back court pressure being applied by Chicago. They peel away wants to gets the inbound Jamal gets it across the timeline. He throws it inside the arc over Yoka chance off behind him to Beasley Beasley got it out there by Hutchison Beasley throws it back over joker free throw line extended left hand side guarded by Bobby Portis. He gets double teamed immediately. Again, any throws out of it on top over Jamal Murray for three missed it. Rebound. Stop by. Oh, wow. Cow channel your inner twenties. Bill sap Balkans came right on the front of the rim of Paul Millsap running baseline slammed. It back in marketing, and has it on the high left side throws it over to Chris done. Now. Top of the key Zach LeVine, nuggets are down by one Levin. Picks up the dribble inside the arc over the Portas. Portas? We'll take a contest at two jumpers. No good. In the rebound comes down to Paul Millsap outlet pass over to Jamal Murray. Berry has it on the high left side there by Hutchison throws it over to, Tori. Craig they want to try and feed Yokich being fronted by marketing Murray through teens and back door. And here's what I loved about that play. So the first post office Nicola.

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