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So you guys ready. You're ready to talk about. We'd talk for another dan. Aaron antonia ready for another installment of the design intent. I got a quote that we can start out with. Give us your quote dan. okay so this Get up into their into that mike. They're big boy can probably do this or if you want to. I don't have biceps like aaron hernandez to hold. You can tell you that those things Okay so this is. A quote from spacex is benjy reid. Benji reid is the Director of crew mission manager. He spearheads the company's development and certification Under a number of programs So his quote. This was An article talking specifically about The design of the the space suits and how they're different from you know the ones that nasa has previously done He said safety came first in the design and manufacturing but there was a close second. It's important that the suits are comfortable safe but are also inspiring. Well here's the picture of you go and it's it's almost you kind of mentioned it when we kind of talked about this before was it. Looks like something when we were kids. What they were sort of imagining what space would look like in the future and that's what it looks like it's almost to me it almost looks like caricature but not in a bad way. It looks. It looks not real right this because we have in our mind like okay. This is what spacesuits real speak you know real quotes spacesuits. Supposed to look like right right. Well let's back up a second. So we're talking about spacex and this was either yours or errands. Idea was to talk about spacex. Whose idea was it brought it. I said we could talk about space and then daniels. Oh talk about spacex. He started telling me about the design of it. Well so first off. I have to apologize to spacex for not having any sort of any knowledge or even interest. In wanting to know. Much about spacex. I was just not really. It wasn't never in my radar. Not like when. I was a kid and the space shuttle was launching in. Maybe now as an adult. It's that it seems like okay. We've done space. It's not that interesting anymore in but when you brought it up. And said hey. Let's look at spacex. I just kind of shrug my shoulders because you sent an email mccain whatever okay. Well that'll be. It'll be interesting then. I started digging in and looking at what they're doing reading about the company reading about the rockets looking at the videos. And it's like a hundred and eighty degreed sure turned for me because like that's what i wanna do when i grow up space x making that kind of stuff it is so bad ass. It is the coolest all this equipment that these guys are making the the the suits their their rockets. Everything about it is just really really fascinating really beautiful well and i think that points to that quote i mentioned where Were instead you know. Obviously they gotta make them functional in sales for the also wanna make them inspiring. And i think sort of the broad stroke that i think is important to talk about. Is that inspirational inspiring part which has to do really with how it's presented. How it how it you know it. It plays up the imagination. And that's really in it in capture sort of the emotion of it right and that's the importance or one of the important things have designed is basically the emotional piece of it right right. No it's it's it is a it's so it's just interesting to look at it and just look at these guys wearing these suits in this picture because it just looks like. They're going to a halloween. If you if you think back in two thousand one space odyssey which came out. I don't know when exactly that came out but certainly long before even two thousand and one you know. It's stuff that you could see that. Would you know fit perfectly in that movie right. Yeah so yeah. Super awesome could only imagine what the design process would be like getting to work with these guys and seeing how they do it so i did reach out to you know week or so ago two a designer there so i'm not gonna mentioning his name right but if you go to linked in or whatever and search under industrial design you'll come up with some names. They never responded now. I'm i'm gonna guess. They're probably under some pretty strict. Don't talk to anybody about anything coming magallanes. Maybe when we're done with this and we get it uploaded. You can send them a link and say hey we'd really love to talk. Yeah and even nonspecific process design process just really understanding. I'd love to know how they work with the engineers and the scientists because it's so because this isn't like they're not just making design for design sake. I mean there. You know we talked about this. It's pretty legit. Space travel is not around with. You should be taking things lightly right with people's lives and the the weight that they have to think about so they can't say fluid details right. It's like when you look at their the the seating. It's ridiculous. Look at that. I think they perfectly show how a designer or design team can completely transform something. Because if you compare this to nasa nasa what they're doing it's like completely different approach.

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