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Two thousand twenty? He'll be seventy eight. The number two candidate Bernie Sanders. We'll be eighty thirty two percent favor. Joe Biden nineteen percent favor. Bernie Sanders and the only one in double digits in Iowa besides Bernie and Joe. Is better. That's right. Beto O'Rourke the democratic flavor not just of the month. But it may be of the year. Maybe the next two years until he wins the nomination. Eleven percent for better. If you're one of those Democrats who truly enthusiastic of maaco making Beto Rourke president. Maybe you can tell me why. One eight hundred nine five five seventeen seventy six. Let's go quickly to will. And Hackensack New Jersey. Will you're on the Medved show. Michael happy Hannukah, thanks for taking my call. You bet. Listen, I I would like to know who is told there because as a supporter of Trump. I this is what the consequences are worried about me. Even if he wins reelection. They know that the work that he's doing right now is not accomplishing anything. For instance. I think in that White House meeting with Pelosi Schumer, this is what the star of Trump voters there. There were no other GOP there to even support or even back up any of Trump's is. So yes, I think that President Trump made an enormous mistake to hold that meeting without support. In other words, why didn't he invite of course, Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell or Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell would have come to the meeting, and I don't understand why they weren't invited. Go ahead. But Michael even Michael Pence who I do like, I think he showed I Trump voters and conservatives I don't have too much confidence in because he didn't even get into the whole thing. Now, you can say you stayed out of it. But I'm saying myself, why isn't someone supporting Trump? In the GOP. And I think that's what the starving is serving conservatives and Trump supporters that they see this deep swamp. Whether you believe it or not as existing on both sides, and whether you believe it or not seeming to conspire against this individual, and okay, and again, and you think Mike Pence who was sitting there like elf on the shelf during the meeting with Pelosi and Schumer that showed that he was part of the deep swamp. I don't think that's fair to vice president Pence who's been a very loyal supporter of President Trump and his entire agenda. We will get back to that. In just a moment a quick word from relief factor. This came in from Margaret I was having a hard time walking and the pain was very bad. And since I've taken release actor I've been able to walk normally again, and the pain has gone away. I really am walking pain free. So I just want to recommend this to anyone who has severe pain. Or any type of pain? It is really a miracle product. Okay. You can benefit from this miracle product. And this is a story we hear again, and again, and again, we just we had another Sabbath guest who was complaining about a little bit of pain, and we handed her a package a quick start of relief factor. Yeah. It's great. It really does work, and it's very popular with friends. We give it to as it will be popular with you. And fact of people get the quickstart that's three whole weeks across nineteen ninety five. The when you get the quickstart more than seventy percent of people who get it and getting more relief factor and toss less than a Cup of coffee a day nothing to lose. But your pain in the whole world to gain go to relieffactor dot com. That's relieffactor dot com. And what about the Wall Street Journal poll on the Muller investigation, which seems to be consuming Washington, again, we'll talk about that and more coming up on the Medved show..

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