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Me too. All this. So what are like the first three things I should do. And can you recommend a book that would help me along the year to be able to know what to do with my my? Will you said the back yard was full of weeds. Did they start to begin with and the front yard? No, the backyard does not have any kind of sod define it looks like some of that a lot of weeds plus at Bermuda. That goes crazy everywhere. Get rid of couldn't get rid of it. Right. Well, let's go to the back yard then. And the main thing is take a measurement of the backyard itself. Okay. Observe which direction is east and west north and south find out. What are these different directions are on your backyard? You have to use the compass. Go ahead. And then you have this. Opportunity to draw in there, the different plants that you would like to use one of the things to do that. I like to do is usually graph paper. But I'll take a garden hose out in the back, and I'll make a design out there and used the hose and make a big amoeba in the middle of the yard or anything like that. You get down to what you like, design wise, and the other thing is there is now a spray that is a water based spray for marking. So you can use that on the ground where you're about to remove the hose, and so you begin to make that design put it on the graph paper. Also. So now, we know which direction the sun is gonna come from. And we also know what kind of a design you like one of the things that I like to do is to see other native landscapes, Cheryl might be able to point some of those take some pictures of them. Sometimes there's a huge rock in the middle of it. Or in the side of it. That's a specimen rock don't need much more than that. And then you can visit places like the lady bird Johnson Wildflower center. I'm encouraging you not to run into this thing as quickly as sitting down picking out some plants look at what you like the lady bird Johnson Wildflower center. They have many displays plants organized by water. Her needs, and which ones grow in the shade. Take your camera down there with your your cell phone, whatever and take pictures of the plants and the name tag that goes with them. The put those two hours together, and then you can begin to identify the plants properly that you like that you can go to garden centers with the with the name of the plant and find them they can use for the most part, we can find all these things the the wealth our center does grow some pretty exotic natives that are not always available, but they do sell them a remember, especially one time of year. They have this big sale of something more interesting. But the the real thing is to go and walk around and see what it is that you like their native grasses that are just gorgeous in the fall beautiful even right now in the wintertime that nice Brown color on them. Provides a lot of interest in the landscape. I think that this is what I would start with. What do I like go to some magazines, Texas, gardener magazine is one of them and see what kind of designs that you might like from there where do you live again? And what part of town southeast often felt southeast Austin. Erma were running up on a break here. But here's two quick too quick reference guides for you that are very good. The Travis county master gardeners skied for Austin and central taxes. I think is the full title of it and most nurseries will carry a copy of it. The second book is. Well since Sally was scout was out without skis. Book native, Texas plants. Not only does it have a wonderful selection of natives that work in our area has some designs and also. So between the Wildflower center, and those resources take six months to a year to plan it out don't do it overnight because you're you're gonna wind up making so many changes you need to know where the sun shines where the water goes, etc. But those will be great starting points and really quickly ending to prepare the soil change always start composting. Yes. Here's what we need to do. We need to put you on hold. If Jeff is able to do that. And then come back and talk to you because you do have some questions now, I hate to see your landscape MP fuller weeds for a year, and I know you do too so hold on. We'll be back right after this news break. Newsradio KLBJ. I'm Robert Wood.

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