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I it i mean it was in my day i'm sure it was in everybody that's that's what it allows michigan students to schedule 'backtoback classes john that rathore i it gives you that 10 minutes but now you get ten minutes to get there before now it's you still have the 10 minutes so that's what that's what i'm saying if you're gonna just at where he's the ten minutes it plane broke don't fix i not everybody was practicing they were practicing the other way i just told you okay so it as long as we're on the same page now that's all the other all night you gotta you got unified campus don't you want there of course now he wanted her where north limited north campus man leave them out on their own rely eliminate days or ms nice over there it's really nice they got some dick essence stuff in pretty clear but as far away from everything no eggs lot of classes over there now people got people go over there all the time now is that like you and i were there i know it's not like when i was there because there's buildings there there were there would i was when i was this he also there i mean there's some i took a few ventures up to north campus my younger brother when he was a freshman ryan lived up on north campus so i went up there are a few times great libraries due to stay up there got great larry j malia obama's i are here i thought i was at ugly you are at the ugly clashes where everybody goes to hang out during final drive there is much people it's just like social our up there that's not true but that's the you know where it say what you want that's okay anyway i just wanted you to know what was going on in your community making sure everybody or now on living backing in our right each year ca i said in your commute admires there my edges us melting and say that by air or brew commute so we're gonna open up the phone seven three four that it.

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