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So at the hearing for the assault weapon ban Jerry Nadler was discussing this with another congressman who said, well, this would ban guns in common use. Understanding that, of course, Scalia and the Supreme Court said you can not do that. Nadler says, that's exactly the point. The point is to ban guns that are in common use. And you're thinking. I don't think it's that stupid. But now I'm not so sure. And don't think for a minute that this can't pass the House of Representatives the entire house. It can. In, you know, people say, well, you know, it'll be stopped in the Senate. Probably, but do you really want to take that chance? So this is our chance. It's that our responsibility, this is no, no, no. There's more than that. This is our duty to get on the phone and call the offices of your elected representatives. Your members of Congress, the representatives in the House representatives. And tell them, you have to vote no on this phony assault weapons Bill. See, they don't know because they've been lied to. Most people don't know that not only does it include all these rifles, which won't make any difference, but it also includes pistols and shotguns. It includes a host of semi-automatic pistols and shotguns that would be banned under this. We don't want this to go any further. We want to stop it right now. So your homework assignment this week is to get on the phone and call and probably call more than once, frankly, because you have two representatives called the offices more than what's called the D.C. office and then find their local office in your state. Call them too. Because all these R is clicks, these are counts. They're just counting how many calls on one side of the ledger are on the other side of the ledger. There it is. You want to do something for the Second Amendment? The calls are free. There you go. 8 6 6 talk gun. There is with us out of Carson City on 5. Hey, Barry, what you're looking for. Barry you there? Maybe not. Okay, he went for sandwich. Let's try a line one to say we can get Jared in here from Michigan. Hey, Jerry, do they, sir? Hey, Tom. Yes sir. I got a couple of things. When I got a range report, I picked up recently a KS 47 from palmetto state armory and a pistol only carved on. That thing is awesome. And a 7.62 by 39. So it's an 8 K round. It's an AR platform, but we're that takes AK max and ammunition. Nothing is awesome. You know, it's funny you say that because I have been looking at the list. Of course, like everybody else who gets on the palm out of state armory list, I get an email every day from them. And I keep looking at that and think, that is one interesting looking gun. So you like it. I like it, Tom. It is a sweet shooting gun. I put a red dot on top of it. And it's amazing. Now, so the reason I got it, I got it, so because under I work for a school and under CPL in Michigan, you can keep a firearm in your vehicle at school. Okay. Got it for kind of a truck gun. Just in case. Right? Now, my question is, I've got that in there under lock and key. Got ammo in there. What are the temperature conditions going to be or how is that going to affect the ammo in mags in that? That's a good question. And summertime, yeah, I think it could easily be a hundred plus in there, of course you don't have the windows, which gives the interior of your car very hot. But even if it's a 100°, here's how and I don't have anything scientific to offer you, but I'm going to give you my gut on this one, okay? I think it would simply not bother me, and I think 5 to ten years of exposure to that would not affect anything in the world. And I would just rotate ammo out and the stuff I'm carrying in there once a year, I would just shoot it all up and then go with a fresh supply. I think you'll be fine. Okay. Okay. All right. All right, I appreciate good luck. And I'm glad that worked out well for you. Let's see. Line three, Mike is with us out of stagecoach, Nevada. That's appropriate name right there. Hey, Mike, you're on gun talk. Hi, Tom. I can make the shot. And I don't have any formal training. And the reason is because I just practice all the time. And I'm comfortable with the gun issue. Where do you carry? I carry on Smith and Wesson shield in 40. I like it more than the 9 because it has a little more thought. It doesn't have as much capacity, but I'm really proud of that, kid. You know? And grandpa trained me and I am ex military, but I didn't have a lot of formal training. I was just a mechanic. Do you shoot a good bit? I do.

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