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And so I agree. That's why he's more still run stuffer. First he needs to develop the pass rushing skills the way that Akeem has. Before he does take that next step. I'm just suggesting to you. It may take a year or two. But I'm with you. I think it's a fair. I think it's a fair presentation that you make. Want to. You know my my first reaction because I've yet to see the list I'm finding out is good listeners. And so what's interesting is I was with you and I was convinced in the scheme Hicks placed at 14 selection. Terri Cohen was at 15. And I in my head as we were trying to have the conversation about Hicks. I kept thinking to myself. You know what? Eddie Goldman's damn important for this team and moving forward this season like Abdel Mention, run stuffer up the middle. You expect them to kind of take that next step. He's a guy who seems like he's a star in the making on the defensive line. I would have guessed that they're coming into this. You would have had Eddie Goldman somewhere around six or seven. That's what I would have thought I would have thought. Interesting, you know, like how Adam's laying it out there on the defensive line. If you have a legit Guy in the middle, who is creating chaos. You pair him with Akeem Hicks. They're splitting the reps. They're making sure that they're both fresh that allows the guys off the edge to attack the quarterback even more and then also you stop the run. I think many times last season. We saw the Bears defense have an inability to get off the field. And I think that's important, too. I know the offensive side things also playing to that because We've seen multiple times throughout the Mitchells Robiskie experiment that the offense was not consistent enough in just time of possession, getting first downs, allowing the defense to rest up to come back out and to be as efficient as they are. So I thought I thought before you revealed Goldman at 13. I was pretty positive that Goldman would be in the class of Jill and Johnson, Justin Fields. Khalil Mack Rock Juan Smith some of the most important players on this team, So I am a little shocked that he's at 13 because I think he's damn important. I did too. And I think both of you make very good points. Again. I think that part of my yes to keep your hands off my damn list. I think part of my decision making was also like there are still some questions about you know where Eddie is with regard to his desire to come back. And continue his ascending career in the National Football League. So I think that you know, some of that in decision probably weighed on me a little bit. Um Look, these are tough decisions as well. Yeah, I think I would lump that that thought. To support what what I'm thinking because if a Goldman a is is not what he was when he last played for the Bears, I think that's a problem and then to like like, Abdel said. You're not going to fall someone for the decisions that they made to not participate last year if there's something going forward because he hasn't been around there are there are reports that he's in town. But he hasn't been at the Oh, Tia's like that could also disrupt what you're trying to build going forward, and I'm not being critical of his decision to opt out last year, that is, that's his his choice, and I defend his right to do. What was best for him. I also looked at this situation is this is going to be a rotation. There will be a rotation of guys that play that spot. They'll move guys in, they'll move guys out. I think the bears, I think Ryan pace one of the things he's done A really nice job of Is finding depth on the interior of his defensive line. So 3123323776 if you guys have thoughts as well, I have Eddie Goldman as my 13th most important player for the upcoming 2000 and 21 NFL season for your Chicago Bears again understand the criteria that we're using. This isn't just ranking a power ranking of the players one through 15. But Eddie comes in at number 13 for me believe there are other lists that are out there that aren't my lists lists that have been compiled by other ESPN folks nationally. Isn't that correct guys? About different positions in the NFL and on the defensive side of the ball, cornerbacks linebackers and I believe edge rushers and we'll get to that conversation when we return. You were looking waddling.

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