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I don't know how to start this up so we got a whole bunch of things on this list that are like somewhat old because this happens every year after sunt well twice a year after sunan fund and after oshkosh because things have been building up on the list while we were off having fun or or not having fun or as the case may be. This one's were wild back but the jetpack guy reappeared jetpack guys back. Yeah and. I don't know what to make this. I looked at the story and a couple of weeks jeb. You put it on the list. What's is it. Does it more reputable than any of the others. Well this is the l. a. cbs station so. I'll let you make your own judgment on that but Aquatic accorded the story quotes of an faa official spokesperson. Quote a boeing. Seven forty seven pilot reported seeing an object that might have resembled a jetpack. Fifteen miles east of lax at a at five thousand feet altitude out of an abundance of caution air traffic air traffic controllers were alert alerted other pilots in the vicinity. I don't know maybe the problem. The seven forty seven pilots seven. Thirty seven five seven four. Oh i thought you said three okay. Seven four well. I don't know i don't see this. A seven forty seven joking. There's someplace i don't know what it is. Yeah so jetpack. But he i'm sorry. Did you say what altitude they estimated this jetpack beyond thousand. That's not okay still. It's kind of up there. I wouldn't wanna fall throughout high. No no neither would i dude. You wouldn't be able to thing. Yeah that's probably the sudden stop. that's well there is a show. I was watching last night in there. Is there's this chasm below this this walkway and one guy asked the other guys. How deep is this. He says how long will it take the hit bottom. He says he says the rest of your life. Okay a so the jetpack again. I don't know what to make of this. I don't know how can it possibly be that. This is a real thing whatever. It is possibly be that we haven't figured it out yet all right. This is the twenty first century. We got sensors and cameras everywhere. All right and and and i continue to. It's an area fifty one thing all right now own but if i okay i believe it could be a balloon except that if it were a balloon. They would've figured this out by now all right. I think it's an area fifty one thing where the government knows what it is and they're keeping it a secret from us. This is what i believe. Why would they be doing this on arrival corridor at lax. You know what have you been paying attention to our government these days. Why would they be doing anything. All right okay But you know what it's like It's an alien jet pack. That's it is it's alien jet pack. And they don't wanna. I don't know what i was going to say. They don't wanna make us. They don't want to start. They don't wanna panic us but we're past that too. Aren't we feel. I on jet packs as their mode of transportation. Yeah well that's not. Well i don't know that's the cover story anyways it's the truth is out there. Truth is out there. that's right. You're on this podcast. So all right so yeah. We're all be careful out there or at least when you're on that approached lax. Yeah you know. We should send one seventy drew out to reconnoiter and we gotta get into fly. That approach a couple. That wouldn't that wouldn't anger anybody. Well i was going to say okay. Maybe late at night analog doesn't matter yeah well i don't know so okay area fifty one. That's what i'm saying. The truth is out there. The truth is if it's area fifty one suckers got pretty good rain well over lax. I mean area fifty one symbolically sort of sort of so anyways. David your awful quiet on this. What's going on. I'm not sure what to think of this. The indus lack of decisiveness on some of the spotters. It's like you sure you saw that flying to florida once and the better half an hour getting down the panhandle and we saw the arrows stat. That's down there to watch for drug smugglers and other usurpers and got came on. We were on a knife. Our flight plan came on the frequency and said he does saudi shaw epo and the controller very formal and taken seriously ask for more information like what direction from you. What altitude. How far away. Oh never mind yeah. it's it's sierra steady. He was looking at it head on. And it's like this round thing with cable tax to it when the winds shifted a little bit and he got to look at it from the port. Todd realize what it was. He said it's either a ufo or the biggest unmanned blimp he'd ever seen. Yeah okay. maybe there's a. Maybe this is some sort of pilot thing you know and the like someplace. There's a pilot lounge with a list on the on the wall that says on on this particular day. It's your turn to report that you saw jetpack and and you know they're just kinda messing with us are. Maybe it's a hazing thing. I don't know there's a secret airline pilots society and and in order to you could have been the f. o. He could have been on iowa. And the captain made him do this. That's right that's right. It's your turn today. do it's really come on. There's enough aerospace industry in the l. a. basin that it's not a stretch to conceive that one of those companies. There is come up with something which innovative. But why they're justifying it in that airspace just brings me the baffles. Me brings me full circle to my area fifty one. the truth is out there. Siri hall carmel. Goodson mel gibson mel gibson. You're thinking of the the I don't think you're thinking of mel gibson. But he had this movie whereas since he was a widowed farmer and seeing crop dusters on oh sorry circle signs mel gibson. I don't know if i know. That's that was mel gibson arousa. Okay all right. I will do that. Research and report back. It should not surprise you to learn. Have that okay. Welcome folks uncontrolled. Airspace generally aviation podcast. I'm jack hodgson come into you from the the banks of the beautiful chico river in dover new hampshire where i'm recovery still recover well not recovering from oshkosh osh kosh. Over a week ago. I returned home from oshkosh in order to dive deeply into a very busy work from home project for my day job and And so i'm just like. I don't know i'm in an altered state of mind these days but Other than that. I'm just kind of having a good time it. So we're we're about to start by the time when people hear this. It'll be over but we're about to get a little heatwave up here. They're literally heat. Emergency warnings. And it's supposed to get to high nineties here today. The next couple days and heat index of one hundred. And five's everybody's i i don't have to work in. I can hide out if i need to so i guess i'm lucky but some people are going to be struggled with this. What else is going for me. I'm working on So i it continuing to do the new around the field Newsletter in the recent issue of the newsletter. I wrote my my recap of this year's venture oshkosh and i also reprinted Took a look back at one of the around the field columns from the newspaper from from the oshkosh with years ago also had some a bunch of links to interesting stories about generally aviation news. Those things are in my email newsletter..

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