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So just so we're conversant with the term to what Precisely does super immunity refer. Well, actually, not a very scientific term, but I'm surprised how many, uh, fighters. I'm here kind of using that term now, and there's no really hard definition for it. But I read a paper today that said you would likely be immune from SARS. Kobe won't That's it terrible disease we had back in 2000 and three that had like a 40% Haliti rate. And so in all the variables, and so not only will you have immunity, but this thing that some people are kind of. It's not a great scientific term, but they're kind of thrown around this. Super immunity idea that, uh, but I think the main thing we're trying to get across here is just because you think you've had covid infection. Or maybe you had a laboratory confirmed. That doesn't mean you still shouldn't get the vaccine. Now some scientists and physicians and this is the kind of discussion you have with your personal position, not me. But talk to your personal position. Some are saying Maybe you shouldn't if you've had a laboratory confirmed infection. And then you get the first vaccine. You might not get the second one because you may have a little bit stronger Reaction to that, Uh, but that's a discussion for you and your position, but certainly get the first one. All right now, then, uh, boosters we have heard, Of course, the boosters were available. And that uh, that, uh, I've heard various things about about their recommendation as to whether or not that is a good idea or not. I have to do a personally have a somewhat compromised immune system. So I've not had to wait. I've gotten a third of the Moderna series, which I was informed by the way as I got it. Is. In fact, it was the second shot all over again. But another dosage. So tell us more about these boosters and where that discussion stands. I will. But first I'm going to ask you a question. What kind of reaction that you had to that booster? I've never had any reaction to any of these shots whatsoever. I mean, even even the arm wasn't sore. I mean, I suppose if I had punched my arm that it would have been a little sore, But I mean nothing. Zero. Nada. Well, that's great, and you're kind of the majority. You know, my arm was a little bit so long after my first date, but You know nothing to write home about. But okay, the boosters, and it's interesting that two of the very senior people that got these vaccines approved as quickly as they did in everything. They have decided it's time to retire from FDA. They just had an article published today in the Land set, which is kind of like the journal American Medical Association except the United Kingdom. And they're saying the general public should not be getting boosters now clearly for you know, people like perhaps you and I, You know they're older and over 70 and immune compromised or whatever. That it's a good idea, but they're saying and this is still open for debate and about about the boosters. Now, they it hasn't the FDA has made a final ruling on this. I think President Biden got just a little bit over. Out in front of the skis there when they announced this about two weeks ago, the room gonna have boosters. Uh, they're producing them and we got lots of vaccines. And so that's good. There's plenty of it available, but I don't think we're quite You there yet in getting the approval, except for people that are particularly people over 70. I've even heard some people say over 60 and particularly with immune compromised Now that means like people who've had solid organ transplants. Good had cancer. Therapy and certain other conditions. Were there pretty severely immune compromise, and those boosters could be the difference between life and death. So for them, it's a great thing, and I think we'll get the final words, probably in early October, about Who else should be getting useless? All right, more to come with Randy Larson. He is again National security advisor at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. 18665. Oh, Jimbo are number 1866554626 back with some calls in just a moment. Is your bathroom, looking old and worn out. Want to update.

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