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The angle so i mean listen weaders as if all first of all block kapitula had sick dart depth it is old guy but then they'll throw it into the outfielder ib did just the lightning but he got hit on the back swing which should have mother messed up the call of course they should have made it a deadball and obviously the innings over because he struck out so i mean i i agree with you but you can't i can't put all of that on dusty though right i can't put weaders mm error meaning not block on the ball and letting go all the way to the backstop that's a deep backstop their washington and so goes all went to the backstop that he he does what he thinks he needs to do which is continue to get the out so no more runs don't score all that rolled up i don't know if they can they roll that play back once more this is the yet yet but i want actually if we can because this is really important i want actually give dusty a compliment for second because this tells me that leases team is still aware of the of the of the mechanics together we can just if we could just roll that back i gave if not not a big deal but arodys great job cbs sports network thank you so watch now watchword danny murphy is back it up bright spot just the wrong i feel there backing up i mean you don't really equate the like the mechanics in the excess levels of baseball but that is a team that is in the right place actually they're doing all the right things thicken daisies and he's looking at the space the note there's no right field that is the mechanics of defense at that i learned that when i was six i mean i remember was my dad no matter what position you are on at any point on the baseball diamond you should theoretically be somewhere if there's a grabble third base and you're playing right field you cut you run somewhat what i mean you don't run the iri base for like a maniac but you certainly drift in that direction if it's an errand throw guess what the upright they there's that we work with the city you can add so there but teak i as much as i given praise there he's own ten.

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