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Kamala harris is well known to have a politically benefited. Life from willie brown. She has politically benefited. As a result of verge. Sexual affair with then mayor of san francisco willie brown who was yet married. Vice president. kamala harris saw her political career began to rise as a result of her adulterous affair with the former san francisco mayor willie brown and st assembly speaker. Willie brown see. She loves the powerful and she knows how to. I mean she's not stupid nobody's accuser of being stupid. I'm accused her. Being evil is a big difference. Satan lucifer is not stupid. He's only evil and so she. It was during the kamala harris affair with willie brown when he gave her to appointments. That really boosted her career. As a result of their relationship she quickly grew from a member of the california. Unemployment insurance appeals board and medical assistance commission to district attorney of san francisco to attorney general of the state of california to us. Senator and now to vice president a heartbeat away vice president of the united states a heartbeat away from president of the united states. Perhaps this pathway can give us a bit of reasoning into her desire to make ladies of the night a legal industry kamala harris two-faced record as california attorney. General proves all these things to be true. There is no way to better review kamala harris duplicitous actions and record as california attorney general than during the presidential campaign debate in which congresswoman tulsi gabbard. One of the few democrats actually like and what she told about. Kamala harris in that debate should have destroyed her campaign right there but the press reported almost nothing of it tolsey gabbard told the public about the unlawful and deceitful practices of then senator kamala harris concerning her criminal justice record while she was attorney. General of california. The congresswoman's words were very revealing though. They failed to stop her run for president at the time in now. She didn't stop her becoming vice president either but she tried the congresswoman's words were very revealing. Here is what congress woman gabbard said about. Then senator kamala harris in two thousand eleven to two thousand seventeen. Kamala harris was the attorney. General of california quote gabbard said kamala. Harris says she's proud of her record as a prosecutor and she'll be prosecutor president. But i'm deeply concerned about this record that she doubts as wonderful congresswoman gabbard also showed how kamala harris went from locking up more than one thousand marijuana users to becoming a convert of decriminalizing marijuana congresswoman. Gabbard ridiculed kamala harris for joking during an interview with harrison admitted that after having incarcerated so many marijuana use kamala harris is herself now an active pot smoker.

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