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The capital before Congress this week. She's one of voucher for two overnight stays at the Red Roof Inn. It's 8 28, and we have traffic and weather on the eighth two married Pompa in the traffic center. All right. Thanks, John. And it's all about that. Surprised if you're traveling on an early Sunday morning with lighter volumes, and I'd like to help you with that If you're on 66 heading Fairfax eastbound 66 between 50 and 1 23. They're looking for disabled vehicle said to be in the right lane. I was just combing through cameras trying to find it myself. You would find it at speed for sure. So again. 66 East after 50 closer to 1 23 exit 60 watch out along the right side, So we pin it down. There are no delays on 66. If you traveled 95 or need to between Fredericksburg to Springfield Interchange 3 95 in the 14th Street Bridge. All rolling pretty well will continue in Virginia heading to great Falls Be advised. Georgetown Pike is closed between Old Dominion Drive and Tolstoyan Road. They have a detour posted. You can reach the parking lot. Following that post A detour through Old Dominion. You're not Able to cross the difficult run bridge, also along Bueller Road. Watch out for that event between 1 23 and John Marshall Drive at the Church of the Holy Comforter. A Father's Day headquarters for Barry Bonanza, says the Nova central farm market They do stop traffic and deliver the vehicles so be prepared now on the Maryland side. 95 north in Baltimore, passing 3 95 crash was along the right side with a tow truck, New wreck and health. Thorpe is on Route one south at 1 95 right at the exit point and the murder John from one 95 watch for police direction is your cloud strategy Working? Try Oracle's Gentoo cloud get predictable cost performance and security. That's Oracle's government cloud at oracle dot com slash one federal married a pump a w T o P traffic and Here's Storm team for meteorologist Lauryn Ricketts. We have a little bit more sunshine today than yesterday and a little bit more heat and humidity as well. Damages.

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