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Than and i should be. Yeah a lot of it was richard. Sherman was out. K one was out. deformed ford was out obviously at that time as well. So the forty niners had like four starters missing on defense. I think five starters actually because Jakubowski tart was also out. Obviously kate Quant alexander was out so they had a ton of injuries. That game But let's let's just not hope that they have a second time against the forty niners and and they still keep the narrative that the forty niners or super bowl team two more things before we go. We're going to get to the most important debate ever had on an honest nation. Podcast but you sent me this before. We started recording. I'd never would have seen this ocho. Cinco chad johnson tweeted on july. First fun fact. I would train and spar with frank gore every off season since two thousand six and included a picture and i have to say chad johnson in the picture looks pretty cut up and a lot bigger than i remember him. Then there's frank or who just he looks like a tank like you see. I see that picture them. And i'm like no wonder nobody could frigging. Stop this guy for fifteen years. Yeah i definitely willing to go out on a limb to say frank war probably one a lot. If not all of those behind sessions. Especially after. I just saw ocho cinco fight not too long ago woes it like last month and it was looked like he didn't really know what to do with them hands while frank gore. I trust him a whole lot. More a guy that's built for contact the guy who enjoys contact. Who did we hear from recently. I think it was. Patrick willis that even when they would practice light freight work did not have that in his body to say. Hey we're practicing lie. And i'm not gonna try to run over. Patrick willis year So the fact that he would continue to play or practice that way. Do i think that he carry that. Over into a sparring session. Absolutely i fully do believe he tried to knock off ocho cinco hand head and he wasn't just trying to play patty cake with him and say. Oh we're training. let's have fun. No frank worrying bill like that. He definitely tried to knock over said. Yeah and if he wasn't the second you through that first shot like frank is going to be like. Oh okay and then destroy you like of all the dudes that i could have to fight with. I would take ocho cinco so much faster than frank. Gore like. No thank you. I wouldn't wanna fight frank gore ten years from now. Okay like forget it. No thank you gore. Looks like a bad ass in this picture. That ocho cinco tweeted out which we will re tweet from the niners nation. Podcasts count as well so you can see it. He's definitely one of the last say former forty niners over the past ten years. He's definitely one of the last one. I would choose to get in a boxing ring with Who would be the first one Probably like andy. Lee would be my top one on. Why are you gotta do anyway like that. Okay robbie gold ow gs by the way that is my my biggest forty niners fear this year i think robbie gold is going to be awful and i don't know why they gave him that deal. He's made something like seventy eight percent of kicks the last two years. That's hideous so you heard it here. Rob is on the kickers. Don't matter train. No they do matter especially when there is bad as robbie gold has been. That's what i'm saying like. I was like legit worried that when they signed him to this deal and the more i think about it and the more i read he has hit seventy eight percent of his field goals over the last two years including two of eight from fifty plus. I have zero confidence in him. Leo yes so. I think he'll be money under forty yards. I think you'll still be money but it's can be a little weird once passed that forty yard spectrum Say it's forty five. I'm gonna say this anything. Forty in over. He's gonna be at sixty eight percent which is not is not good. But that's just my prediction. But isn't every kicker good from forty yards in it like if you can't make forty yards and then you shouldn't be an nfl kicker well it also limits while you put on the scoreboard. Say if you've got a a fifty or fifty one yard field goal here in instead you gotta punny in and take those three points off the board like one if it ends up being a two point game and you lost yet. You could've kicked that fugel but you don't trust one of your highest paid kickers in the nfl to to be out on the field and give the other team Fair field position. Yeah i'm not. I'm not loving that. Maybe that's just my july worry that could be. It's the middle july. So i'm just freaking out about stuff that's could happen with the forty niners but i don't know we'll find out last thing today you were. We were talking about frank gore. Frank gore was the last forty niner. Jersey that i had up until last year when i finally broke down and got george kiddle jersey. I know that many people have been flying to their computers and their phones to order the new red throwbacks. The forty niners have come in this year. Which looked absolutely fantastic. You put it to me before we started. What are the two best forty niners jerseys of all time. I think the forty niners are going to wear the two best jerseys of all time this season. Because it's the white throwbacks ninety four and the red throwbacks for ninety four for me and it's not even closely. Yeah though those are two really really really well done jerseys The white is definitely in for me. The white ninety four's the shadow black. That's definitely going to be one of my to the second one that that's where your your motor starts thinking is it. That dog is you. Know is not the blacks. It's not the blacks for me. I think the blacks look better on. Just say as fans you go to a gaming you have your niners black jersey or your at your house. Your you go somewhere. It's a better fashion jersey to wear it in that matter rather than seeing them on the field where i think it's way better as a fashion statement and then i kinda do dig the ninety eight once will know. Think about it. Steve young warm jerry. Rice warranty a warm frank. War patrick willis ladder. Great niners wore those ninety eight ones. I'm talking about the the debarring indie kind of style with the with the gold pants. That's what i liked about it. Is that the pants. Were gold what they wear now. The pants i it just reminds me of going to target like if it horrible so well hit bit him so well So like the dad pants. I'm not really to hone in on. So i do like seeing the gold one because it matches the helmet little better. Yeah but i'm not the ninety eight burgundy with gold pants. I'm probably gonna go with their original homes. The original homes with with the red solid.

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