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I think we made it to the tv without breakdown but i'm not sure the bottom line is this the workflow unlike all the other votes that don't work three hundred plus days a year it's you know things break things where out season is the one thing that you for that year bunny other job four into maintenance for me look i'd love to fix everything to have everything brand new and shiny but the bottom line is the workflow i need to find that balance between how much money can i put back into the bowl and i got to bring money home to do all the other things the rest of us by the way by the way kevin dave you gotta let people know as as far as things go the hard merchandise is you're kind of like the run in the fleet i mean you know some of these boats are big bigger but it doesn't seem to affect where you're where you go you go where everybody else goes you don't mind you don't care oh yeah yeah let's be frank though i think i thought walked that fine line between you know doing what's necessary to get the job done dot being candidates when i go capabilities are the vote i know the capabilities by crew every do you know regardless this may not be fast and they have a lot of the creature comforts like the other guys you don't you're just sitting in a phone galley but whatever wherever it takes to get the job done let me tell you what i just saw one of my sisters just came in and they look at this and they they showed me their laptop and they showed the the national geographic wicked tuna site and what's the first thing i see i see anjelica talking about i with the picture and and all of that stuff so she's she what is she your webmaster well no but he's he's very he's a natural obviously over the years people out there who have like that dumping deadly run one of the things one of the things that i need to ask you for sure is when we first started watching the show seven seasons ago we saw the difference between the size of your fish and the.

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