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Hey everybody, welcome back to live talk, I've been looking forward to this this broadcast this show for a while. We've been trying. I think since about October, to get these guys together with them, but just with a lot of things happening on our end and maybe there's as well, we're just grateful that this is happening now. And so welcome to our dear Friends. Now for me, I'm in Alabama. So for me, it's way out there way out west. Way out west and I want to wear my cowboy hat if I'd have known you needed some western flavor in your Alabama dock here. I brought it in. Oh, this is doctor Galen huck. He's the pastor, as you can see of that beautiful sign behind him, Shane hills, church. In Cheyenne, Wyoming. And James, Damien. James, so what's your title, James? You have a few pat you wear. A lot of titles, yeah. What my wife calls me or something. And then what you want to be called. So I'm the worship pastor. So for a lot of years. Tell us how long you're tenure. 13. January 15th, 13 years. 13 years. Wow. Yeah. I read online. He was my, he was my first tire, I believe. Get rid of him. Well, I was going to ask you, Gayle, and that I think I saw on the website. You've been there even longer. Yeah, it'll be 14, this march, and then I was actually came out of seminary out of Dallas seminary. And I was going to plan a church here in Cheyenne. I was kind of a cool long story. And I found a guy that was already starting to church here and I just thought, you know, I wonder if this guy needs, I needed a mentor. This guy, dick young, he was the founding pastor. He was 52 years old and I thought, man, this guy could teach me how to be a pastor. Right. And so I thought I'd be here a couple of years, actually, I was here four years between 92 and 97. Then we did go out and start a church in boulder county, was there ten years, and then in 2007, they started talking to me, hey, would you come back? Dick young has retired. Well, I can at least pray about it. And boy, God really made, you know, Gideon needed two fleece to lay out. I had three and God came through with all three of them. And it was like, okay. And that we need to be back in Cheyenne. So I guess you could add it all up and be like, be 17, 18 years, but total, but in this last as elite pastor, senior pastor, 14 years this march? Goodness, wow, that's amazing that you guys both have such staying power. That's a grace of God. We know that as leaders we understand, that's the grace we got. But it's also means just intentional leadership on your part, intentional servant, leadership on your part. I'm sure, right? Absolutely. I do that. I think being your church a couple times and I can tell you got to know some things there. I'll say that. It's amazing. Yeah, God's been really good to us. And you know, as faithfulness throughout the years and a real, I hope a team of approach that hopefully trickles down through part time staff and then also through our volunteer staff. Hopefully people feel like this is a God led Christ Christ centered price centered church and we're all just a part of it..

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