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Into one of three groups depending on how much coffee they drank each day, giving all of them in MRI scan and an infrared pulse. Arteries, and they found that even though previous studies suggest a large amounts of caffeinated beverages like pecan stiffen, the arteries, this new research didn't support those findings even for participants who reportedly drank as much as twenty five cups a day, though. All right. Let's, let's make sure everybody is clear on this. All right, up to twenty five cups of coffee a day, Bill safe, but not recommend. I don't think it's safe. I, I wouldn't I would twenty five cups of anything. I don't think is safe, right? Carrot juice. I'll give you an example. You know there are times where I have a third Cup of coffee. Now that is when later in the day, feel tired. Okay. But, but this has happened. I've gotten on the air after three cups of coffee and find myself talking, too fast stumbling. Really? Yes. Wow. They almost have to say. Oh my goodness. I've got a calm down a little. So you actually notice it not only do I notice it, I've got to fix it. So that's when you take what acquaint or bring yourself down go. That's. Too high. Down when I don't. But you know what it all seriousness, this, this study is so. It says, nothing, right. Entering twenty-five cups a call. Remember all we talk about kids, having monster drinks, and those energy drinks, all the sugar and all the caffeine, there have been there have been kids, right here from Phoenix, who died from two or three of those things because yes and which has more caffeine coffee or the intertidal. Do you know I'm not sure I would have thought coffee unless you got a super duper loaded drink. But now you are more energy drink than you are cough. Energy drinks or so dangerous. I think they are so dangerous. They're not good for you at all. They rot your teeth out too. I mean they're just. I agree with you. But that might be the least of your problems UTD from it. Right. I mean it is cafe ole is that a lot of a lot there. Yeah. Oh, okay. Cafe ole. And then cappuccino is just really really, really wrong. Cappuccino has steamed milk, and then froth milked so up. So this is interesting. So we're in Italy. And, and they say do you want express own? I say, you know, said, no, no, no. I said, I see right? Yeah. And so I didn't they brought to you by this. It was it was the smallest hoffy ever seen. And I'm like, I'm looking at it. Like, what are you talking about talking like a small vial like that, like a shot shot? Yeah. Almost it's, it's anything. Okay. Well, that's a, that's a good one. Think of shot that you would get in a bar. Okay. It would be half filled. It's that little and I say, and I looked at it. I said, I think if I drink that I'm gonna I'm gonna off every while there's probably a reason that it's so small right? All of it when I was off the walls, baby. Right. Coming up. We got the big four at four remember the guy who got shot in the groin by pepper ball by the Phoenix PD at the Trump rally. He's decided to sue. He's going to join us on the show. This should be interesting. I've drank too much coffee. The top stories the.

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