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Thousand and then tobias harris where they short an invitation let me deal we got one more spot who are going tobias says they'll do it i find it's a bias there's the shooting right now i hope lejeune evelyn so you look so civil yours williams the new graphics sox look at this thing it's brutal out like i'll try to explain it for the people listening instead of like watching or listening with tv in front of them they've got it's cool in its horrid at the same time so they do it by each rack there's five different racs five basketball's apiece rate and so on the bottom of the graphic they have an icon for the five basketballs and it will light up if he makes the shot and it will stay dim if he doesn't that's all cool but then they have this weird graphic where it's a little circle and they're doing the same thing if lights up if he makes it it's dim if he doesn't it's like a shot chart he's shooting from the same spot the whole time at the circle thing is just stupid are you with me on that gavin yet stupid yeah i don't i feel like they're just trying to change it just to do it but looking at the nba allstar weekend there's other things that they could change not that on to televise the draft okay the graphic is bad i'm gonna go with my guy i can't stray i thought about it but i can not i'm going with eric gordon again that when a great year chirac cohen choco say that's not chalk klay thompson chocolates the the favor yeah but i don't has their ever know there has been a back to back i believe from trying to remember i believe solis gosh who has won this they there had to have been a a backtoback guide least there might have been.

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