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Point six billion dollars. You're listening to ABC news. KOA NewsRadio time is nine. Oh. To the Denver Broncos say they are disappointed at the arrest early this morning of backup quarterback Chad Kelly. John Elway spoke on our sister station, orange and blue seven sixty in the process of getting all the facts, and and and talking to Chad. And then we'll figure out exactly which direction we're going to go. Kelly was arrested for first degree criminal trespass after he walked into a home in Inglewood and was beaten by the homeowner with a vacuum tube. He was released after posting a two thousand five hundred dollar bond. Broncos cornerback Chris Harris junior says Chad Kelly's arrest has nothing to do with the rest of the team. Unfortunately about Chad. Or I mean, we bought known that China has had a checkered past get a back get getting back. Right. Hopefully, get back on track. Harris junior tells KOA NewsRadio Lewis and Logan show that the Halloween party is an annual event. And it's a good way for the team to bond. He says Kelly. Arrest should not be any distraction for the team because he's just the backup quarterback. We have a chance for some rain drops this evening overnight, low of forty four degrees. And there could even be some rain at sticks around with us through tomorrow morning. And then after that skies will start to clear again Wednesday. We're looking at sixty one degrees and back to warmer sunny skies by Thursday at CBS fours. Lauren Whitney one person has died after being removed from from Thornton house fire that broke out last night. Thornton fire pulled the person out of the home on Saint Paul circle the person was treated and then taken to the hospital where they died. No word on the person's identity cause of death or the cause of the fire. The Denver Nuggets lead the Sacramento Kings big in the fourth period, fourth quarter tonight at Pepsi center. CU buffaloes will host Oregon state this coming Saturday. Our next update nine thirty. I'm Roger quibble by on KOA, NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM..

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