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All right. Welcome back everybody. It's time for a good news block. We made it. We made it take it away already. Okay good news so I got I got. I got a little bit So ten Reuters has conducted extensive review of pulling data and has found that interest in voting in twenty twenty is surging in urban areas dominated by Democrats faster than in trump supporting areas Lilia so even as trump commands rock solid support among Republicans voters interest in going to the polls appears to be growing faster among those who disapprove trump than those who approve of him. The advantage and urban political engagement extends deep into the most competitive battleground states that trump won by razor thin margins. One factor that led to trump's defeat of Hillary Clinton in two thousand sixteen was lower turnout in mid western cities such as Detroit and Milwaukee. But there are indications that trend is reversing for years later in large urban areas of the upper midwest a region that includes swing states like Michigan and Wisconsin for example the number of people who said they were certain to vote in the upcoming election. Rose by ten points positive. This is good news. It's working. We love hearing that can happening. And everybody's doing you know you see this blue wave thing a lot and I just try to believe it. Yeah yeah believing that blue. Oh absolutely so. Yeah so. That's good news so city cities that where we need people to show APP. It's it looks like voter turnout's GonNa Increase Right. Yeah so it's it's it is really good news. I mean this poll suggests that people in cities where we need people to show up in big cities where instincts were trump on the last time people are going to show up and vote in bigger numbers this time. So that's really encouraging to me and makes me feel happy. Puts a tiny serotonin. In my brain yes serotonin towed let could yes. Yes I think That makes sense to when you just think about four years of this president and how his policies have consequences well and in his tone in his dogma in the worst way has effects on everybody and it has effects on the American psyche that I think are undeniable. Just outside of you know whatever policy being talked about. There's a tangible difference in the atmosphere in this country. Now because he's the president absolutely. It's embarrassing first off for our country it's harmful to a lot of people Arguably you know everybody that's not profiting off of whatever whoever he's bed with but it's really really encouraging. That's an awesome story. I have one more for you. This is a kind of I've I worked in tech on for a lot of the last decade into this one is a personal interest. Me We talk a lot about how silicon valley's like Uber Capitalist. But actually the the workers a kickstarter have created the first Tech Industry Union. Oh yeah so. They made history on Tuesday when they voted to unionize making them the first in the industry to do so marking a huge grassroots victory milestone tech workers in the tech industry. That is very cool. He's cool Kickstarter united is the first unit. White-collar fulltime workers in the tech sector and includes designers writers engineers and software developers so following along fight to form a union through the Office of Professional Employees International Union. Kickstarter workers plan to head to the to the table to with management to discuss pay equity diversity in hiring et. Cetera ET CETERA. But this is exciting because you know industries like the video game industry in the tech industry are in desperate need of some regulation. There's a lot of abuse of workers in in those industries so that was really encouraging community and You know I hope that I in response to this. More tech companies and more video game companies will start treating their workers with more respect. Yeah that's incredible. I worked in a little bit as well and I am not gonNA say Where I'm not trying to ship everything but I will say that especially fresh out of college workers yet big it exploited as fuck in a lot of companies. I mean I've had to say in interviews before No I'm not going to work sixty hours a week for you for that amount of money. Right they get you yet a salary that is like below thirty thousand dollars sometimes. And you're expected to put in over forty hours a week. It's pretty crazy and that's awesome. Yeah yeah and that's Duffy I mean startups. Startups are obviously all told by nature. And I think that that's why they've been able to get away with that for so long because startup. You're right. Yeah Yeah exactly. Yeah I think it's for the for the medium to large tech companies so very exciting. So hopefully that marks this marks a bit of a sea change but yeah that's awesome. I have one good story. Okay So this broke today. Eleven circuits upheld. A broad interpretation of Florida Rian Franchise Law that says states cannot require fines before registering those unable to bay. So that's yeah so that's that's a win. Four orders yes. Yes when for voters It happens to come one day after the registration deadline to vote in the primaries though one day after yeah. So that's a bummer. And I'm sorry that I let that slip into the quick a personal story. Just a personal story I What is the personal good story? I bought my dog. I have a video of my dog wearing a dinosaur onesie. That is a great story. A Good Story. That is fantastic. Share it that the daily Deans pod. Twitter I'm going to Disneyland on Friday with my little sister. That news agency the New Star. Wars yes fuck Ya fuck. Yeah we are the most Disney bitches. Family it is bad. I'm going to Disney with my family when they're here in April. Yes it's so fucking I know that it is probably the worst organization so many ways but it is a truce land for divorced families. That is what Disneyland is to me. Everybody just be fucking decent just for eight hours. Okay now that as soon as we leave these golden gates you could go back to being shitting each other. But when we're with Mickey or France Okay. That's what it is to me. Very Fun does beautiful thank you. It's not easy being a twenty six year old. Who LOVES DISNEYLAND? You know it's unhealthy. Don't don't don't don't don't shame yourself. Yeah thank you your only ally for a little while. Enjoy like what you like. Especially when you were a sad laurent So yes that's my good news block and that's it that's our show we did it. Good News Yeah. Thank you everyone listening. We miss you feel better. We'll see you tomorrow and watch the debates tonight. Patron let us know what you thought. Let us know what you're thinking and if you're Nevada let us know what your thoughts are on your upcoming caucus. Yeah if you are and you're getting this tonight and you're watching the debates and you just watch the debates. Don't you think in fact let us know what you think anyway. Hopefully daily means fine. Let us know what you think of the debates. Let us know what you think of our episode. Nice compliment sandwich. We didn't get as existential this time. Now we're keeping it on track. Okay thank you everybody. We'll see tomorrow. That has been us Take care of yourselves. Take care of each other to care the planet to Carry Health Jordan Cobra reader and this is daily. The daily beans is executive produced and directed by AG Jordan..

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